Published On: Wed, Sep 25th, 2019

West Boca High School Chorus Needs Your Financial Support

C. Ron Allen

Boca Raton, FL – Should the average parent or taxpayer in Boca Raton care whether we have a great music program in the schools — or any music program at all, for that matter?

Music is a nice idea, but is it essential? And given our schools’ focus on having all students achieve standards in reading, writing and math, can we afford to spend time on something like music?

I say, “Yes” to all three – music should be part of every child’s education.

Every year dozens of our students who participate in band and orchestra cannot afford to rent or buy their instruments.

But there is an even greater challenge facing them: so many people are reluctant to support it financially.

That’s why the West Boca High School Chorus is holding a fundraiser. This is the second year that The Boca Raton Tribune is urging you to support them.

“Your generous support will help us offer a higher quality music experience for all of our students and families involved,” Catherine Briggs, the group’s leader, wrote in a post on their campaign webpage. “Your donation is tax deductible and you will receive a receipt via email for your generous gift. If you could, please spread the word about our fundraiser by sharing it with your friends via email, text and social media – we would greatly appreciate it! We strive to create high quality music experiences that bring pride to our school and local community.”

Donations will be used to buy sheet music, uniform maintenance, festival fees, transportation, voice lesson scholarships and awards, among other necessities.

The choirs are largely self-funded. Typically, many public-school music programs have little to no official budget, so they must rely on teacher out-of-pocket spending, fundraisers or support through parent-teacher organizations.

For years, music classes have been the ugly ducklings of school curriculums. When school districts must make budget cuts, music and arts programs are often the last courses to be added and the first on the chopping block.

It is both interesting and so disheartening that many people never think about how the artists – who soothes our hearts with such melodious sounds – often achieve their status.

It takes money to pay for practice sessions to eventually read the sheet music and to play those instruments.

Let’s face it, music is always around us. We do not do anything without music. We get music, just by turning on our TVs or radios, our ringtones and even the nursery rhymes. Yet, we often take it for granted that it’s going to be there.

Through your donations all of Briggs’ vocal music students will receive a high quality and comprehensive music experience this year.

“I was really hoping to gain your support. If making a gift is not something you are able to do at this time, then please consider sharing the fundraiser to any of your peers who may be interested,” Kamryn Mills, a graduating senior and president of the KOP Mentoring Network,

wrote in an email to me.

Last year, I matched up to the first $100 that she raised and this year I am making every effort to ensure she meets her goal of $500.  I encourage you to also invest wisely in this child. Along with being an outstanding student academically, she is disciplined, polite and very appreciative of everything she gets.

“Thank you so much and I really appreciate all of your help! Your support will help make this season one to remember,” she continued.

Educators say that music opportunities such as jazz band and orchestra ensembles give students a chance to connect outside of the classroom. They also give staff an opportunity to showcase talented student groups while offering the community opportunities to see live performances.

Music education is such an important piece of the puzzle that helps us prepare students for life.

Studies also suggest that those who learn music score better on math tests, which supports my theory of why music education should be a required component in all schools because of the proven academic, social, and personal benefits it provides.

With Boca Raton being a caring and generous community that sees the value in music education, let us do our part to help fill that need for some of our children.

C. Ron Allen can be reached at or 561-665-0151.


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