Published On: Mon, Sep 9th, 2019

Florida School Districts Seek to Educate Students on Financial Matters

A common complaint students tend to have about their classes revolve around “not learning any real life skills.”

Students often complain about their lack of financial literacy, thus Florida schools are attempting to change this.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has officially signed a new legislation requiring the implementation of financial literacy electives in schools.

According to WPTV, the Palm Beach County School District has already trained 800 teachers in order to properly carry out these  new courses.

Seminole Ridge Community High School provides one of the first examples of these literacy courses in action.

A sophomore student of this high school, Emily Wells, explains that these courses are informing students on credit, bounced checks, and cashiers checks.

These courses aim to educate students on financial stability after graduation. They are learning how to avoid debt, how to manage income, and the concept of investments.

The Palm Beach School District is optimistic that they may have at least 1,000 trained teachers for these classes by this year.

Do you think these financial literacy courses could benefit students in the long-run? Will you sign your children up for these electives?

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