Published On: Thu, Sep 12th, 2019

Florida Attorney General Believes the Marijuana Legalization Referendum is Misleading to Voters

Marijuana legalization for recreational use in Florida is something that groups have been fighting for throughout the new year.

There are two main groups leading the legalization referendum in Florida through seeking signatures.

Regulate Florida has received 89,000 signatures from registered voters, achieving the mandatory amount for Florida Supreme Court review.

Their created amendment has become, “Regulate Marijuana in a Manner Similar to Alcohol to Establish Age, Licensing, and other Restrictions.” The proposal seeks to legalize marijuana in a proper manner, for adults older than 21, and through the allowance to grow their own pot.

The second effort is led by Make It Legal Florida, by presenting a stricter proposal that requires sales to be handled through allowed treatment centers.

However, Attorney General Ashley Moody, is currently challenging the ballot initiative for 2020 in stating that the 10-page constitutional amendment is too long for voters to properly comprehend.

Moody seeks to have a simpler, summarized amendment in order to eliminate voter confusion.

According to Sun Sentinel, the Florida Supreme Court is currently determining whether the ballot initiatives may meet the legal requirements.

The organization still requires a great deal of signatures by Feb. 1 of 2020 in order to establish the item on the ballot. It seeks 766,200 statewide signatures, meaning that at least 60 percent of voters must approve in order to actually establish the legalization.

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