Published On: Mon, Aug 5th, 2019

How to Protect Every Aspect of Your Business Online 

The online world can be a dangerous one – we know that cyber criminals are out there just waiting for the opportunity to hack into a system and steal vital information, leaving the business and the business owner with nothing. However, despite the dangers, the internet can also help us to protect our businesses, ensuring that they are as safe as possible and protected at all times. Here are some ways to protect every aspect of your business online so that, with careful planning and diligence, you can grow your business without fear. 

Secure Hosting 

When you have a website, it will need a hosting service to run it. It is crucial that this service is entirely secure, especially if you are also running an online store – although even if it is ‘just’ a website, security is still important

If you’re unsure just how secure the hosting platform is that you are considering, ask questions. This is no time to be shy; you need to know for sure. It might be that you need to pay a little extra for a better, more secure service, but this is an investment and one that you should never skimp on. 

Endpoint Security 

You might be asking what is an endpoint security as it’s not a term that is used in everyday language. However, this kind of security measure is becoming more and more important and is certainly something you will want to implement. 

Endpoint security is a method of constantly monitoring your devices (your endpoints – laptops, desktop computers, and so on) in real time to ensure that there is never a point when your security is lax. If there are problems, you can instantly fix those vulnerabilities and keep your business as safe and secure as possible. 


Take a look at all the websites you visit in a day and make a note of which ones utilize ‘https’ at the beginning of their URL. The extra ‘s’ is important and stands for ‘secure.’ It gives your website an additional layer of security because any information that goes through your website to your web server will be kept safer. 

Not only are you protecting the information that is being sent out, but you will also be improving your Google rankings – you gain credit for having a secure site. 

Speak To Your Employees 

You can have all the new technology in the world when it comes to keeping your business secure, but if your employees don’t understand the dangers that might be confronted with when they are online, they could easily invite a cybercriminal through and into your business, bypassing the security measures you have put in place. They won’t do this on purpose, of course, but the problem remains. 

Therefore, it is vital that you speak to your employees about best practices when it comes to online safety. They should never open attachments from strangers, or that look suspicious, for example, and never click on links that could be attempts of phishing.

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