Published On: Sat, Jun 8th, 2019

Body20 Electrifies Boca Raton with New Technology Driven Workout

Revolutionary Electro Muscular Stimulation Fitness Studio to Debut on June 1

Boca Raton, FL  Body20, the leader in Electro Muscular Stimulation (EMS) training, opened on June 1 in Boca Raton offering locals and fitness-lovers alike a performance-based, technology driven workout. To celebrate the new opening, the Boca Raton studio is offering pre-sale specials to the first 40 members. The new studio located at 9704 West Clint Moore Road, Unit A110, focuses on creating a personalized, results-driven 20-minute workout that delivers a week’s worth of intense cardio via EMS.

The new Body20 location is owned and operated by Florida native Nicholes Lentz. Growing up in Tampa, Nicholes was always intrigued by fitness and the opportunities to help out others and these aspirations led him throughout his life. At age 17, he joined the Marine Corps and served as a Marine for 16 years. After finishing his service, Nicholes moved to Boca Raton and is currently a policeman for the North Miami Police Department. He first discovered Body20 when he was experiencing severe back pains and was looking for a solution. After 3-months, he had little to no back pain, and quickly became a believer in the Body20 method leading him to bring his own locations to his local community. Nicholes currently has two locations in Boca Raton and one projected location in Miami.

“I’m constantly looking for more ways to help people,” said Nicholes. “With Body20, I have the tools to help people grow. I remember the back pain I had before coming to Body20, and that experience has made me more equipped to help others.”

Body20 uses EMS to stimulate muscles using light, painless, electric impulses via a lightweight, full body stimulant suit. EMS replicates the natural process of the central nervous system by sending electrical impulses to control muscle actions in strength training and fitness, creating greater results in less time than the average workout.

The science behind EMS training has numerous benefits over conventional training methods and the body suit works to perform 150 times more muscle contractions than a traditional workout. Benefits of EMS training include cellulite reduction, back pain relief, increased muscle definition, improved posture and core strengthening. This results-driven workout is fully customizable and personalized to help each individual reach their fitness goals ranging from heavy strength training to cellulite reduction regimens.

Founded by Bertus (Bert) Albertse in 2013, Body20 was ideated following his exposure to EMS training technology at a fitness expo in Dubai. It was there that he realized the technology had the potential to disrupt the future of fitness. The fitness powerhouse launched first in South Africa with 60+ locations. The brand then ventured to the United States in 2017 following the FDA approval of EMS training. Two years later, Body20 currently has seven studios open in Florida and South Carolina with four additional U.S. locations in the pipeline.

For more information about Body20 in Boca Raton and membership details, please call 561-617-5106 or visit

About Body20

Founded in 2014 in founder Bertus Albertse’s homeland of South Africa, Body20, is a revolutionary, technology-driven boutique fitness studio that employs Electro Muscular Stimulation (EMS) to deliver a full week’s worth, full body workout to clients in one 20-minute session. Utilizing a full body suit that sends small electrical impulses into the client’s muscles, the workout performs 150 times more muscle contractions than a traditional workout resulting in cellulite reduction, muscular toning and weight loss. With 61 locations worldwide, including seven in the United States, Body20 is electrifying the fitness industry and expanding its nationwide footprint through franchising. To learn more about Body20 and its franchise opportunity please visit:

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