Published On: Thu, Mar 14th, 2019

Ways to Keep Dust Mites Away

Dust mites are not pretty, pleasant, or frankly, all that delightful to talk about. But we have to deal with them every now and then, so we do not have to deal them more than that! Interestingly, these critters are non discriminatory, as they feed off of particles in clean homes, dirty homes and the dust, dander, and airborne pollutants in each.


Fortunately for most of us, their presence does not cause harm, health problems, or damage our belongings. In fact, dust mites are tiny, microscopic bugs that do not make themselves all that obvious. They rather enjoy meals consisting of dry skin, pet hair, dander, and food crumbs with nary a sighting. Nevertheless, they can cause allergic reactions and worse if they and their cohorts are not kept in check.

Where do Dust Mites Live?

The short answer to this question is, anywhere they want. More specifically however, they live on bedding, sheets, linens, cloth covered furniture, capets, rugs, feather pillows and coats (“down”), and curtains. They are essentially everywhere, which is why getting rid of them can seem daunting at the very least.

How To Keep Dust Mites Away

There are a myriad of ways to keep dust mites at bay. Here, we list 50 ways to get rid of dust mites.

Ventilate Your Home

By keeping your windows open from time to time, you can get fresh air circulating. This helps remove the enzymes and dirt in the air that dust mites like to eat, thereby decreasing their population in your home.

Remove Carpets and Rugs

Ideally, you should have neither rugs nor carpets in your home altogether. These items collect dirt that is visible and invisible to the naked eye, and are a veritable playground for dust mites. If for whatever reason you simply cannot part with your fuzzy throw rug or wall to wall carpeting, however, make sure you vacuum them with baking soda, vigorously, and often.

Replace Your Curtains

Window treatments are decorative, add flair to your home, speak to your decor and taste, and invite dust mites directly into your home. If you are able to keep up with frequent, aggressive, washing and vacuuming of your curtains, then more power to you. If this seems like a battle you do not want to wage, go with wood slatted blinds or shades made of metal or other non- dust mite friendly materials.

Clean Up

The messier the home, the more food and grime dust mites have to eat. Food crumbs are especially important to remove, as is clutter that collects dust and makes it warm and welcoming for these mites.

Use Air and Furnace Filters

Air and furnace filters trap both large and microscopic particles and keep them from circulating throughout your home. Make sure you use high quality filters and that they are changed as often as is necessary for your heating and cooling systems.

Install Air Purifiers

Air purifiers add an extra layer of protection by keeping additional, even tinier toxins and contaminants out of the air. This keeps dust mites at bay as well as the particles they like to consume.


Just like in the movie “Gremlins,” dust mites can not thrive or multiply in bright sunlight. Open your non-cloth shades and let the sunshine in.

Use Vinegar When You Mop

Vinegar is a potent, natural cleaner that effectively gets rid of dust mites and certain types of fungus and bacteria. The acidity in vinegar is a rather powerful dust mite repellant.

Groom Your Pets

The more frequently you groom your animals, preferably outside or at a professional’s shop, the less dander you provide to  hungry dust mites.


Use an Exterminator

Though dust mites are different from the bugs most exterminators look out for, their removal makes your home less attractive and appetizing.


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