Published On: Mon, Mar 25th, 2019

Local Digital Marketing Consultant Announces His First Book

If you are in the digital marketing space in South Florida, chances are you have heard the name Tim Schmidt.  He’s known as the man you call when you need more traffic to your website, or when your website just isn’t bringing you enough business.

This week at a local networking event in his home town of Weston, he announced that he is putting the finishing touches on his first book, titled “Amplifying Average.”  It was at the Smoking Busine$$ event at the Smoke on the Water Cigar Bar where he told host Michael Dagen about the upcoming launch during a podcasting session, and the news quickly spread around Facebook.

Known in Internet Marketing circles as a pioneer to the SEO circuit, Schmidt has a long history in the digital marketing space.  He started as a consultant in Miami to a company called Web Genius, and then eventually to a firm called BeyondROI. Both companies focused on helping clients gain search engine traffic from sources like Yahoo, Bing, and Google.  

After hearing how much money he was generating for his clients, he decided that it was time to be a seller, and not just a service provider.  For over ten years, he has manufactured, marketed, and distributed anti aging skin care products under the name SkinPro as well as other brands under the same parent company.  The first product launched, called Elite Serum, drew rave reviews and was heralded on many industry blogs as well as mentioned in magazine’s like the Miami New Times in their “best of” edition.  The success of Elite Serum led Schmidt to continue launching anti aging products designed for the face and body that focused on the latest peptides made by overseas research partners like Lipotec.  

The book, currently being edited with a target launch date of this fall, centers around the struggles that Entrepreneurs face when they aren’t blessed with capital, a jump shot, or a musical talent.  “It’s a guide to life hacks for the every day person just trying to climb up the corporate ladder and make stuff happen,” Schmidt added.

With 17 chapters each focusing on small lifestyle changes that can shape someone to overcome obstacles and achieve success, the book is slated to be one of the top launches in the business motivation sector.

“I’m anxious to hear what people think of the book,” added Schmidt, who added that this book was entirely written on planes because “there is nothing else to do other than watch movies.”  

For more news about the book and to be notified of its launch, follow his website,, for future updates.  

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  1. I’d love to check out this book. Thanks!

  2. jeck says:

    wow it’s too good i really ; like it

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