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Developing Your Own Work/Study Experience in College

Developing Your Own Work/Study Experience in College

Depending on your educational environment, you might’ve been programmed to believe that college was the next step after high school. If you have the desire to jump immediately into the marketplace, the idea of college might seem like fruitless. However, it’s good to learn and place yourself in an environment with people who are desiring a better life for themselves. While the piece of paper is pretty expensive, you can meet new people, take advantage of educational opportunities and thrive within a collegiate experience. Entrepreneurship continues to attract many people each year and new technologies and methods, such as video marketing, also. There’s a myth that if you’d like to become an entrepreneur, you don’t have to go to college. Truthfully, you can experience both at the same time. Consider the ways you can experience the best of both worlds. 

Developing the Best Support System within your Business 

Virtual Assistants 
Virtual assistants are amazing because you can find them at various price points. They’ll be able to help you with the busy work you just don’t have time for. Whether you need them to post content to social media or create an email newsletter to send to your email list of clients, you can hire someone to do that within your budget. As the virtual assistant does great work, their work will eventually pay for itself. If you don’t have the start-up funds at first, it’s a great idea to work during the summer months to save up. During the school year, you’ll want to automate your systems as much as possible. 

Passive Income Streams 
Passive income streams will help you to generate more income. If you can get your company to a place where it pays for itself while you’re in college, you’ll be well on your way to learning the ropes of building a business. The passive component is essential because you’re in college. If you’ve written a book, allow the virtual assistant to regularly promote the book within various platforms. As you continue to gain sales, it’ll be a great source of passive income. Outsourcing isn’t passive, but it allows you to take more work off of your plate. If you’re selling physical products, there’s no way you can manage packaging and shipping products while you’re in the middle of study sessions. Instead, utilize a resource like the dropshipping method. You’ll be able to get your products into the hands of your customers without touching a single shipping label. When you’re working on your business and studying in college, it’s all about working smart.

Developing the Best Support System within the Classroom 

Study Sessions 
When you’re in college, you have no choice. You’ll have to study if you want to succeed. Plus, you’re investing a lot of money. You don’t want to become frivolous with your resources. This is why it’s best to take a look at each class you have to take. Take a look at the number of hours you spend in each class that week. If your business management class happens twice a week for two hours at a time, this is a total of four hours. You’ll want to spend at least twelve hours each week on your material. Whether you’re reading the textbooks or going over your lecture notes, dedicate the time in order to learn to understand. You don’t want to get into the habit of learning just to pass the test. After all, this information will serve you when you’re launching your business into the marketplace

Tutoring Support 
If Calculus is kicking your butt, get a tutor. Don’t be afraid to ask for the help you need. Truthfully, it’s best to get the help sooner rather than later. If you know math is one of your harder subjects, find a tutor as soon as you sign up for the course. You’ll be able to work with someone to break down difficult concepts. The goal isn’t just to pass the class. You gain a new skill set when you’re able to conquer math problems and work through numbers without breaking a sweat. 

Disciplined Schedule 
In college, there will be lots of temptations and distractions. Whether it’s your social life or personal issues, something will come up that makes you feel like you’re missing out. Try your best to strike a balance. You want to have fun because you can’t get those memories of college back. Enjoy your time, but study hard. The key is balance. The best way to achieve a sense of balance is through disciplining yourself to stick with a schedule. Find a quiet place where you can study and focus for a few hours. Don’t study in the dorm where you know everyone is socializing. Safeguard your time by allowing yourself to have an hour or two where you take a break each day. Catch up with a friend over lunch. Enjoy the beauty of the outdoors by jogging outside. Find ways to clear your head while you maintain your discipline. 



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