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Food and Travel: A Foodie’s Travel Guide to Asia  

Food and Travel: A Foodie’s Travel Guide to Asia  

Are you looking forward to a trip to Asia and indecisive about which country or city to visit? It’s totally justified. For the gigantic continent that Asia is, there are myriad places that simply cannot be missed and diverse experiences of food and lifestyle that every place offers. Asia is an outstanding blend of cultures, languages, races and even food. Every Asian country has a uniqueness and is worth exploring. If you are in a dilemma about which place to visit and what food to try, here is a simple travel guide for you.

Hong Kong

A great destination for shopping, adventure and many other exciting activities for people of diverse interests, Hong Kong must definitely be on your bucket list. Things that are a must-do in Hong Kong include visiting Disneyland, Avenue of Stars, Po Lin Monastery and Victoria Peak. But that’s not all. Hong Kong offers one-of-a-kind experiences for foodies and junk boat rides are one of them. You can sail along the Victoria Harbour or hire a junk boat from one of the beaches to enjoy the amazing food and drinks packages onboard. And, junk boats are perfect for a boat party. Foodies who love to explore different tastes must not miss out on the Snake Soup. Asian style desserts like the Blueberry Kiss and street food at Lantau Island are a must-try in Hong Kong.


Food, festivals, historical monuments, beaches, desert, mountains, islands − there are so many things that make India the glorious country that it is. Situated in South Asia, India is a land that boasts of ‘Unity in Diversity’, owing to its population that follows different religions and cultures. Also, every Indian state has its distinctive cuisine. While Kashmir is famous for Rogan Josh, which is a lamb dish, Kerala’s specialty is Malabar Parotta (layered flat bread) with Beef Curry. You must try Vada Pav in Mumbai, Galauti Kebab in Lucknow and the Fish and Prawn curries in Goa. Along with tasting delicious Indian cuisine, the places to not be missed in India include the Taj Mahal in Agra, the beautiful valleys of Kashmir and Shimla, Kerala’s serene beaches, the ancient village of Hampi in Karnataka and Delhi’s historical monuments.


A country in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is a land that is famous for its multitude of islands (over 17000). Beach activities, adventures and wildlife are some of the best things to do in Bali. These activities can make your visit to Indonesia exhilarating, and Bunaken, Mount Semeru and Alas Purwo National Park respectively, are perfect for these experiences. Satay, which is skewered and grilled meat, the traditional meat soup − Soto and Gado-Gado, a vegetable salad coalesced with peanut sauce are some must-try dishes in Indonesia. If you’re visiting Bali, the Balinese food that you must taste includes Betutu (steamed or roasted chicken or duck), the Jimbaran seafood on Bali’s Jimbaran Bay and desserts like Bubur Injin and Laklak.


The land of the world-famous Thai Curry, Thailand is so good that it should simply not be missed. No matter which city you are visiting in the country, Thai Curry is worth a try!  Apart from this, Tom Yum Goong, which is spicy shrimp soup, Tom Kha Khai − chicken bathed in coconut soup and Pad Krapow Moo Saap, a special dish made of fried basil and pork, are a must-try. You must also taste the flavoursome Khao Pad (Fried Rice) and Pad Thai (Thai style friend noodles) during your visit to Thailand. The scenic beauty of Phuket, the bustling streets of Bangkok and the epic temples of Pattaya will leave you dumbstruck.


The food at Jiufen Old Street, the gold mine at Gold Ecological Park, The Golden Waterfall and Yin Yang Sea, the historical Long Shan Temple − there is so much to explore in Taiwan, besides the modern city of Taipei. At Jiufen Old Street, what you must try is the variety of food. Egg Pudding straight from egg shells, Hong Zao (red dates) Meatballs, the Sweet Potato Balls and Sweet Potato Soup and the Jiufen Taro Ball; these mouth-watering Taiwanese food specialties will please people with different palates. After some sightseeing and food hogging, you can also enjoy shopping in Taipei. Do a quick research and find out about the best things to do or what to buy in Taiwan before your visit, to make the most of your vacation.

Asia is not only about these countries. China, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam, Singapore, Maldives, Uzbekistan, Japan − all of them offer unique experiences and cuisines to suit different palates. Find your favourite places, activities and food and set out on a journey to Asia, the land that invites tourists to visit its host of splendid destinations.


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