Published On: Tue, Jan 1st, 2019

Weekly One-Page Flash Report

Weekly One-Page Flash Report – In every turnaround that I have ever worked on, I have always implemented my Weekly One-Page Flash Report. With this report, I know weekly everything that was going on financially rather than monthly. Monthly is too long of a time to see how the company is changing positively (or negatively).

Weekly One-Page Flash Report.  Every owner of a company should receive this report every Monday, which reports:
  1. The cash balance: Last week’s closing balance, the cash receipts for this week, the disbursements and the ending balance.
  2. The line of credit balance: Last week’s closing balance, the week’s borrowings, the pay downs, and the ending loan balance.
  3. The accounts receivable aging status for the past five weeks. This includes Current, 31 – 60 days, 61 – 90 days, 90 days and older (both dollars and percentage of the total).
  4. The accounts payable aging status for the past five weeks: Current, 31 – 60 days, 61 – 90 days, 90 days and older (both dollars and percentage of the total).
  5. The payroll expense for the past five weeks broken down into categories: Administrative, sales, manufacturing, etc. (both dollars and percentage of the total plus the number of employees for each category).
  6. Sales statistics for the past five weeks: Customer proposals, orders received, shipped orders, etc.
Weekly One-Page Flash Report – If the owner of the company has this information available weekly, he can manage the company and monthly financial statements almost become obsolete.

My name is Robert Curry, and I am an Author, CEO Coach, Keynote Speaker, and Turnaround Specialist. Over the past 20 years, I have worked with more than 70 companies taking their businesses from Loses to Profits.

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About the Author

- Robert Curry is an author, seasoned business coach, and successful turnaround specialist. Earlier in his career, he served as President and CEO of three different companies, the largest with annual sales of more than $1 billion dollars - all which experienced successful turnarounds under his management. In the late 1990s, he started his turnaround consulting firm, and for the past twenty years, he has turned around more than seventy distressed companies in many different industries helping each to establish a strong management team and become profitable. He has published two books: "From Red to Black" and "The Turnaround." He resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with his wife, Esther.

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