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How To Host A Glam, Sophisticated Vodka Party

Anyone remember the television show, Mad Men?  Set in the 1960s, this show featured characters from a glamorous advertising agency located on Madison Avenue, near the then-location of the Time-Life Building.

Memories include a breathtakingly beautiful office with a spiral staircase, and it appeared to have a some pieces of Noguchi-like furnishings or the classic Barcelona chairs. The men were adorned in double-breasted suits while the women wore Chanel  and the Lilly Pulitzer shift that Jackie Kennedy loved wearing during the Camelot years of the Kennedy Administration.

Wouldn’t a Mad Men-themed party be a perfect setting for your Royal Elite Vodka celebration?


Some say it was brought to Moscow by merchants in the 17th century, but others say it was  invented by a 15th century monk.

Even Ensign Pavel Chekov, that fictional character in the Star Trek world, had an opinion: he said it was made by a little old Russian lady in the 15th century.

Whatever its provence, vodka is the tipple of choice in Russia and wildly popular the world over. The reason may have to do with the fact that it has no taste, plays well with everything and usually doesn’t even cause hangovers..


Don Draper may have been the leading character of the television show, but Royal Elite Vodka is the leading one here.

Simply, because it’s exclusive and sophisticated. In fact, it’s a brand so globally recognized as distinguished, it’s only appropriate that it would be aligned with a name like Mad Men.

To do it, you need:

The Venue

You may have to do some staging by renting some retro furnishings for the evening. If you’re not sure where to rent furniture, ask friends and family or your caterer for referrals–or even a local real estate broker, since they stage all the time.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Avocado was a popular color in the 60s.  You probably don’t have much, if anything, in that hue, but you can add some accent pieces, like a couple of sofa pillows or even a wall hanging.
  • Walls paneled with rich, dark woods such as walnut are also good for this get-together. If you don’t have paneled walls, you can always rent some screens to improvise.
  • Seating should have clean lines, with simple, tapered legs and feet of metal or wood. Think of something like the classic Barcelona chair or even Saarinen’s womb chair with a matching ottoman. Coffee tables, lamp tables and sideboards should also be of simple but sturdy design.
  • Ambient light should be provided by a hanging lamp of metal frame or adjustable recessed ceiling fixtures. This light can be augmented by globe-like lights on chrome-plated cylinders arranged artfully around the room. The bar can be highlighted by a downlight in the ceiling. Make sure all the equipment and bottles are clean so that they can glitter. Glitter was big in the 60s.
  • The floor should sport at least one large rug of bold, vibrant coloring and pattern. It is the one aspect of the decor that is allowed to be really vulgar.


Smooth jazz-type bands were often heard, especially in an episode episode of Mad Men where a character sang a French song.

Suggestions for music include those from such musicians as:

  • Miles Davis
  • Jacques Brel
  • Juliette Gréco
  • Sergio Mendes and Brasil ’66


Men can be casual, wearing jackets with turtlenecks, polyester shirts or bell bottoms–or they can wear a suit–but it MUST be accompanied by a skinny tie.

If there’s enough time, men can grow sideburns.  African-American men can sport big mushroom-cloud Afros.

The choices of attire for female guests are more varied; hemlines are all over the place, and a shift is always great for a 60s party. Hair may be worn in a pixie or beehive style, with a lot of teasing and spray.

As with African American men, African American women may wear the Afro.

The really good news is if the female guest doesn’t want to bother with an elaborate hairstyle, she can always wear a wig.

Big, flashy cocktail rings are welcome.


Cheese fondue, a well-known dish from the 60s, featuring bread cubes and little sausages is required. You must also serve stuffed celery with cherry tomatoes, chicken dishes (made really popular by the show) and jello salad.

For the more current palates, add shrimp cocktail, crab cakes or some kind of beef or fish recipe.


  • Martini glasses, because the martini was an icon of the 1960s.

They can be small or gigantic. One idea is to use a grouping of gigantic martini glasses as a centerpiece, or even as containers for finger foods or fresh flowers.

Other barware needs include: shakers, shot glasses, strainers and spoons with long, spiral handles for stirring.

Ice should be plentiful. Don’t forget lots of olives, limes, lemons, bitters and maraschino cherries.

The Star of the Show

Now we reach the star of the show, Royal Elite Vodka. This super deluxe, super sophisticated spirit is made from wheat, grown near the the pristine waters of Uzbekistan. It is distilled eight times to give it an unsurpassed texture, and it contains no additives or preservatives, as some other, even high-end, brands do.Royal Elite Vodka is pure and organic.

It is true, vodka goes with everything. One of the games the host and guests can play is “Name the Martini.” In this game, the bartender puts a little secret something into a martini, and the first guest who correctly names it, whether it is salt and pepper, ginger or basil syrup, wins a prize.

Although many claim it’s gin, it is really vodka that is the foundation of the martini.  Royal Elite Vodka is the foundation of so many other drinks that they are pretty much unlistable.

You must serve these two, however:

  1. Bloody Mary


1 lime wedge

1 lemon wedge

4 oz  tomato juice

Dash of Worcestershire sauce

2  oz. Royal Elite Vodka

Salt and pepper to taste


Shake with cracked ice and strain into a tall glass. Stir with a celery stalk.

  1. Yellow Fingers


½ oz.  Galliano (herbal liqueur)

1 oz. Southern Comfort

1 oz. Royal Elite

1 oz. orange juice

2 oz. lemonade to top up


  • Shake well with cracked ice, and pour into a large chilled cocktail (martini)glass. Top with lemonade and decorate with an orange slice and a maraschino cherry.

These are our suggestions, but you’ll probably also have some of your own.  We’d love to hear them!

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