Published On: Wed, Aug 29th, 2018

Scott Singer defeats Al Zucaro and Bernie Korn and is named new Mayor of Boca Raton; Seat A Race Still Undecided

As the clock hit midnight, one of the two City Council races in Boca Raton was a sure deal, the other was still very much in the air.

Scott Singer defeated Al Zucaro and Bernie Korn by earning 11,801 of the total 18,622 votes cast for Mayor. With 63.37 percent of the votes, Singer will officially take over as Mayor of Boca Raton and will finish out the term of suspended Susan Haynie.

“I am here to represent all residents,” said Singer at his victory party at New York Prime restaurant. “I’ll work to serve them whether they voted for me or not and move the city forward in a positive direction.”

In the Seat A race, Andy Thomson finds himself with a three-vote lead over Kathy Cottrell. Tamara McKee earned 12 percent of the votes.

According to the city’s municipal code, the city defers to state law, which says an election may trigger a recount if the margin falls within one-half a percent, which the three votes do. Furthermore, the state law also calls for a manual recount, where ballots are checked by hand, for a margin of less than one-quarter of a percent, which the three votes also qualify.

The question on the in mind of Boca Raton voters is if the Boca Raton Canvassing Board will trigger the manual recount.

The Board consists of the city manager, city clerk, and county elections supervisor.

No matter the outcome, last night’s election brought in more than 17,000 voters to the polls, which beats the 11,783 that came out to vote in the March 2017 mayoral election.

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