Published On: Wed, Jul 11th, 2018

Great Ways to Save on Office Energy Costs

Starting a business is hard. Having a good ROI is even harder. As an entrepreneur, you know there are plenty of ways you can save on your business. You just need to know what they are. Well, I’m here to tell you about the ones often forgotten about.

You’ve heard about saving costs on marketing tactics, but have you saved on the small stuff? There is a myriad of office energy costs that you can start saving on.

By going the extra mile and changing a couple of your usual office things, you’ll increase the energy efficiency of your office(s). Here’s a helpful guide for how to save in office energy costs.


Get an Energy Audit

Although some people grit their teeth at the concept, bringing an auditor into the office is a great idea. Most utility companies offer free business energy audits to their customers. When you get someone to audit your energy use, it helps you figure out where your money is going each month, how to increase your energy efficiency, and where to make adjustments.


Buy Insurance

Now it’s time to talk insurance. If you don’t already have insurance, you’re living on the edge.  And you don’t want to be living on that edge. But don’t freak out. It’s not too late. But you need business insurance ASAP in case your office building is victimized by some tragedy. You can compare business insurance online to see what you’re able to afford and save with your insurance.

Additionally, using a business insurance calculator might help you save tons of money. While there aren’t really any average business liability insurance costs for both small and large businesses, you can consider some sample scenarios using an estimator.


Turn Equipment Off

Equipment not in use? Turn it off! This one seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how many businesses leave their lights, monitors, printers, and the like on when they’re not in use; often for extended periods of time. The energy they’re using really adds up. By making sure things are on “sleep mode” or completely turned off overnight, you won’t be paying for unneeded electricity.


Install the Right Lightbulbs

It’s time to get practical. Using energy efficient light bulbs, like long-lasting compact fluorescent light (CFL) or light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs is super worthwhile when saving on energy costs. Replacing a single 60-watt bulb with an 18-wattt energy-efficient bulb that’s on for an average of 10 hours a day can easily save your business one dollar more each month. That’s with just one bulb. You have hundreds, if not thousands of bulbs in your business. That means you’re looking at saving a huge amount of money over the years. Cha-ching.

Additionally, they’re not only a smart way to save money, but their extended service life will help you save in the long-term. They use at least 75 percent less energy, and they can last 50 times longer than the average incandescent—up to 20 years!


Use motion detectors

Lighting accounts for almost 20 percent of the electricity used in U.S. commercial buildings. That’s why being smarter about how you utilize light in the office is crucial for saving. Consider installing motion detectors in hallways, meeting rooms, and other places where “always-on” lighting isn’t needed.

With the right tools, you’ll be able to find the perfect insurance for your company and help reduce energy costs for your business. You’ll be saving money and being environmentally conscious at the same time.

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