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Best Ways to Finance your Small Business

“Small Business Financing.” These three words are enough to give way to thousands of questions. Every year many aspiring entrepreneurs start companies. While, it is, undoubtedly, true that each one of them will have a different industry associated with their startup, one thing will, definitely, be in common which is the requirement of funds to finance their company, start their business and keep it going. The modern world has created a new economic shape that compels the business owners to be creative in their approach towards finance. So, whether you are looking for initial capital to start your business or require money for the growth of your small business, you need to have a look at the below-mentioned realistic ways to fund your small business.


  • Bank Loans


This is, probably, the first way which comes to the mind of an aspiring entrepreneur who is looking to finance his/her small business. You need to set up a meeting with the banks with whom you, usually, deal with to explain to them your business model and to learn about their small business lending rules and regulations. Generally, a loan application needs to be filled up and attached to supporting documents for the process to start.

If you don’t know whether banks in your area provide small business funding options, you can always take the help of World Wide Web to look for best small business loans online and short-term business funding options.

But, it might be tough to get a business loan for your startup as most banks will stay away from financing new businesses as the lending institution puts itself into a state of high-risk since each business endeavor has got chances to fail. Also, it is always wise to check for the rate of interest beforehand itself as, in most cases; the banks charge a heavy rate of interest for funding small business startups. However, if you are looking to grow your small business which is already running you will be in a much better position to get your loan application sanctioned at a lower interest rate. This is because a bank will be able to check the financial statistics of your business to take their decision.

  • Finance Yourself Through Yourself

Known as self-financing, this is an option which you should never skip. In fact, self-financing is one of the most popular ways to get funds for your small business. As a first, you need to analyze as to what assets you are having. An asset can be anything ranging from real estate, vehicles, savings account, and pension account to other investments which you might have made.

You can opt for home equity loan in which your home will be used as collateral and based on your house’s value your bank will provide you with a line of credit. These lines of credit offer you the benefit of low-interest rates. Moreover, whatever interest you will be paying on such kind of loan is tax deductible. However, the only risk in which you will be putting yourself is that you can lose your home if you fail to repay the used amount according to agreed conditions.


  • Crowdfunding


If you think that Crowdfunding is not practical, then you are still living in the time about 5-6 years back. Crowdfunding is one of the most popular ways to finance your small business in the current market. However, you need to make some kind of initial investment in order to explain to people what your business is going to do and how the same can be beneficial for them.

The only downside to this method is that if people don’t find your products or services useful to them in the long run; they will refrain from investing in your business idea. The benefits of getting your business idea financed through Crowdfunding are plenty. Moreover, the money is all yours and you don’t require to repay any part of it.

  • Product Presale Financing

As clear from the name, this method to finance your small business involves the selling of your products before the actual business launch. Though, you need to develop the entire product and make it market-ready first, product presale financing is extremely practical.

If people love your product the cash –registers of your small business will start ringing. You can use the entire amount that you managed to gain this way to fund your small business. Product presale financing has got two major advantages. First, people have become familiar with your product and have loved it. This guarantees the success of your startup as people will continue to buy your products. Secondly, the entire money is yours and you are not obliged to take any kind of loan now.


  • Through Friends or Family


While this may not seem ideal to everyone, getting help from friends or family in setting up your business is never a bad idea. Moreover, since the person concerned is either your friend or a part of your family, you can negotiate the interest charges on the financed amount. This way, you can mutually decide on an interest rate, which is, usually, lower as compared to the market rates.

It is always better that you be open with your friend or family member who is willing to help you out regarding the repayment criteria. Entering into a written accord is, generally, considered to be the best option to avoid any kind of conflicts in the future. Moreover, this way your relationship with the concerned person will also not get spoilt.


These are the major ways through which you can fund your small business . In reality, the options and alternatives for getting the required business finance are limitless. So, look for something which is reliable and works for you. Next, cut the ribbon of your startup and start working. We wish you all the success of this world in your business endeavors.

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