Published On: Mon, Jul 9th, 2018

8 Summer Wardrobe Essentials Every Gal Needs

Summer is easy breezy in every way, including your wardrobe. Not only are you physically wearing less, but it also seems to take less thought to put ourselves together during this laid back season. That being said, there are certain items every woman should have on hand to look and feel fab for those endless days and sultry nights. Read on for eight summer wardrobe essentials every gal needs.

  1. Summery Sundresses

And, yes, we did we did mean to make that plural. These are the quintessential summer items for women, so make sure you’ve got more than one. Whether it’s a shorter shift or a dramatic maxi sundress, there’s something about this wardrobe item that screams, “Hey, summer, I’m here!”

  1. Flats ‘n’ Flip Flops

Okay, okay, we’ll let you get away with those chunky heels for a dinner out, but the summer staples for your tootsies should definitely be cute and comfortable. Buy women’s flats from Rothy’s to be good to your feet and the environment. And flip-flops are the beach go-to, but make sure you’ve got that pedicure in place.

  1. Sunglasses O’ Plenty

You might not typically think of sunglasses as a wardrobe item, per se, but during the summertime they should be on or near you at nearly all times. Not only do they keep your eyes protected from harmful UV rays, they also tend to make every outfit. Ideally, you should have several pairs so they match your attire, whether it’s casual or dressy. Everyone loves a classic pair of Ray Ban Aviators, but you can opt on the side of less expensive yet trendy if you want to have more at the ready.

  1. The LBD

This is essentially a staple for women all year long, but you should have a little black dress that is specifically for summer. The reason this is such a necessity is that you can dress it up with accessories and make it look different every time, which is especially helpful for those of us on a budget. From summery scarves and statement necklaces to dangly earrings and bright cardigans that are ripe for color blocking, the ways to change up the LBD are seemingly endless.

  1. A Big Floppy Hat

Not only do you need this to keep your skin youthful looking under the sun’s unrelenting rays, but you’ll also look beautiful and beach-ready. “I don’t look good in hats,” said no one who really took a good look in the mirror. Trust us when we tell you that everyone can pull these off, so go forth and don that floppy hat already.

  1. The Maxi Skirt

These never go out of style and are the ultimate in laid-back fashion. And let’s face it, ladies—is there anything that feels better on than a stretchy waist? That’s why yoga pants are so ubiquitous. Sure, you could throw on a pair of shorts after the day in the water but the maxi skirt takes it to the next level for the pool-to-dinner look everyone needs. Pair a maxi skirt with a crop top for an ensemble that is totally date-worthy.

  1. A Wide World of White

Yes, winter white is a thing but we all know that this color is the unofficially official summer shade. That’s because we all look fantastic in it with a bit of sun on our faces and bodies. Whether you go with a basic white tee and denim capris or a classic white linen shirt and denim cutoffs, wearing white in the summer is a must. White denim pants are another item to have on hand for those cooler summer nights. And when we say that these go with everything, we really mean it.

  1. Dressy Shorts

These are another summer staple, as you can pair them with anything and look fabulous. Whether you dress these shorts down with a plain tee or tank, long chunky necklace, and flats or flip-flops or dress them up with a crisp blouse and heels, dressy shorts are the LBD for your legs.


Summer fashion is anything but rocket science. Have these summer wardrobe staples in your closet and you’ll be set for anything from a casual BBQ to a night at the symphony.

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