Published On: Mon, May 21st, 2018

Top Reasons we use our Smartphones

Believe it or not when it comes to the top slots in why we use our smartphones, making a call doesn’t even make the list let alone rank high up!

This fact was reported in a poll of over 2,000 smartphone users who stated that making a call using their smartphones was probably the least common use they had, with around 27% of those polled saying that sometimes they could not use their smartphones for making a call for over a week.

Another interesting fact brought up in the poll was that 63% of British users refuse to answer a call from a withheld number. When it comes to the time spent fiddling about on our smartphones it might surprise some smartphone owners that yearly it is estimated that we mess about on apps and the such-like for at least 900 hours a year which if broken down further adds up to 38 days spent fiddling about with our smartphones – that’s serious time!

When asked about the strangest use that they had ever found for their smartphones, one person was reported as using it as a back scratcher, whilst another used it as a bed warmer!  Other uses have been a paperweight, a nut cracker and a hammer (not to be recommended)

It isn’t so surprising that the smartphone is rarely used to make calls, after all it is a mini computer that preforms many daily tasks that would have eaten into our busy lives a few years ago.

Now we bank, browse, shop and pay for goods and services using our mobile devices, as well as increasing numbers of smartphone users sourcing their entertainment via their smartphones.

Watching a film or a YouTube video can be much more fun when on the go, and of course we can watch anywhere and at any time we like as long as there is a Wi-Fi connection.

This has led to many industries optimising their business for the mobile user. Take the online gambling industry as a prime example. It used to be that playing a game on your mobile phone was one of the worst experiences ever with games crashing half way through on screens that were so small that a magnifying glass was required.

Thankfully, those days have gone and we can expect exceptional graphics, audio and video clips to enhance our game play, and this has led to some high-end sites. As an example, you could play at a top bingo site for UK players and not only enjoy all of the games choice, but you would be able to keep up to date with family and friends using the chat feature on offer. Online sites today don’t only provide one or two choices, they also offer a full range of classic games to enjoy, and of course you can do this whilst in the lunch queue or whilst waiting for the train.

It’s strange to think that the least popular activity for smartphone users is making a call, but the simple fact is the majority prefer texting (88%) whilst 70% would send an email.

Other uses that rank high with smartphone owners are using social media sites, playing games, using their camera, checking the weather, reading the news, watching YouTube and banking.

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