Published On: Mon, May 14th, 2018

Millennials Smartphones and Social Media

Was it really only 2007 that the iPhone first appeared on the shelves and Facebook began to enjoy mainstream popularity?

For many that was the time that the internet would move forward rapidly, and from them it has moved to a sometimes-compelling virtual world it is today.

If you are one of those that reached adult hood about that time you will remember when the world wide web was a supplement to our lives, something we could choose to be on or off, without risking alienating ourselves from our peers and society.

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For those who are reaching adult today, smartphones and social media are truly integrated into their lives, and for the older generation technology seems to be the thing that we accuse them of.

We read continually how millennials just can’t stop staring at their smartphones and that this is having a detrimental effect on relationships. We even read that social media is as destructive to the individual as an alcohol or drug addiction. We have even read that our future is doomed as a race as the kids of today are more interested in sexting rather than actually having sex!!

To be honest, after we have enjoyed that ridicule when you begin to consider things is it any wonder that the millennials prefer to be in their own smartphone worlds when their elders and supposedly ‘betters’ vote the likes of Trump into the White House?

Not only are we having to listen to a world leader that is probably less equipped for the position of president than the average millennial but we are also living in an economy that has been dead for years. It’s not surprising then that many decide to make entertaining memes that get buried under tons of college debt.

Not only was 2007 the year of the iPhone and the proliferation of Facebook it was also the start of the recession, and all those traditional hallmarks of adulthood like financial security and home ownership went out of the window.

Although we might be out of the recession the higher wage industries like accounting that lost in the region of 3.6 million positions have only taken back on about 2.6 million. In fact, high and middle waged jobs have been replaced with low wage work in industries such as hospitality and retail, no wonder that millennials are so obsessed with the web and social media.

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