Published On: Fri, Mar 16th, 2018

Rofx.Net Is a Legit Service Without Scam


In this article, an attempt will be made to answer one question: is legit and able to adjust to changing market conditions over a long period of time, or is a scam? In an attempt to prove that is not a scam, we will look at some inherent characteristics which set the robot apart from the others in the market.

After reading the article, you will see why you should embrace as a legit software, and run away from most of the fakes you will see online.

Many of the forex robots you see online have several drawbacks. Apart from the unbelievable profit claims that cannot be backed up by action or by historical results, these software are programmed with rigid parameters. They are unable to distinguish when potentially market changing news is about to be released, and they are sometimes programmed with lagging indicators which only give signals when trades they follow are already far gone. Some of these software are also improperly coded. The writer once reviewed a robot’s MQL code and found that it contained close to 250 errors. How will such a robot ever make money in the market?

Then you have the robots which are downright fake and substandard. They usually have the following recognizable features:

  • They usually claim that they can make 90% on your account, usually in a day, week or month.
  • They claim to never make losses.
  • Some of them even claim to be able to make you a multi-millionaire. The software would be offered free, but you need a $250 deposit to start trading.

Every true trader knows that unless you are starting with a micro account, you would need a lot more than $250 to make any headway in forex. This then begs the question: how possible is it to use $250 to rake in all the hefty amounts quoted on the sales pages? Such questions are never answered by the creators of those robots.

Why Rofx.Net Is Not Scam


  • The daily profit achievable with is set at a very conservative figure of 0.38%. This daily rate of return can achieve a return on investment of about 95% in one year.
  • In addition, the robot is programmed with artificial intelligence and neural trading technology. Trading experts use time-tested methods of technical analysis to coach the robot, after which the robot-self learns the strategies and compiles them into algorithms. These algorithms also feature rationally set stops and risk management parameters.

An added feature of is that leverage is never used in trading. Many people think of leverage as a beneficial tool. The fact is that most traders abuse it and it turns out to be an account killer. When the Swiss National Bank de-pegged the Swiss Franc from the Euro in January 2015, heavily leveraged accounts that were exposed to this action in the direction of the previous peg were taken out. Brokers that allowed their traders to use high leverage also suffered hefty losses, some to the extent of total bankruptcy. But brokerages that severely limited leverage use or stopped their clients from using it prior to this announcement were spared. It is not by accident that regulators such as the CFTC have long pushed for lower leverages since 2010. It only makes common sense to use a robot which does not use leverage and also provides loss protection.

The end result is clear for all to see. is in its 10th profitable year and still counting.

February 2018 Results So Far

The results do not lie. is a legit service without scam, backed up by a strong foundation.

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