Published On: Fri, Mar 2nd, 2018

Focus On The Solution, Not The Problem

By: Alan Ataman

Well, this title actually stirs from my most recent dilemma. Not being able to think of a topic for this article quicker than I’d like to admit. For some reason, I just couldn’t think of a topic I wanted to really write about. Writer’s block I guess some would call it.

Alan Ataman Founder of Total Health Immersion Program

I had a problem on my hand and I just couldn’t find my solution. I was beating myself up over why I had the problem and what it was. Why? Not sure. How’d I passed it? Somehow came to realize it was just a problem. Just one more problem that I needed to find a solution to. I’ve have had plenty throughout my life, what’s one more.

See we seem to care what our problems are, which is totally understandable, but the getting caught up on it part does nothing but hold us and set us back.

See it’s not the problem that matters, it’s the solution that does. And that last sentence made me realize something. I needed to start focusing on what matters. So I went ahead and started to…..

Focus on the Solution

Like most of us do when we get hit with a problem, we get stuck on it. We let it beat us up constantly

until we finally fix it, which takes longer than most would like. Some of the most pressing problems we face at some point in our lifetimes are…

  • Tough Financial Situations
  • Low Confidence/Self-Esteem
  • Not Being Mentally/Physically Happy
  • Improving Your Career
  • Finding Love

Dwelling and focusing in on our problems are not going to change that we have them. We get it. But we’ve got to change that. Why waste our time and energy over something that’s only going to change or fix when we make it happen.

One good way to start would be The Law of Attraction; the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts people can bring positive or negative experiences into their life

Our minds only allow us to fully focus on one thing at a time. Think Problem. No time to focus on solutions. Think solutions. Better chance of finding solution possibilities. But what are some of the benefits of focusing on the solution other than our answers…

Benefits of Focusing on Solutions?

  • Preventing Negative Thoughts – “Once you start replacing negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive thoughts”. You don’t feel bad, your mind does. Thinking positive and happily gives off awesome energy others around will be sure to feel.
  • Cut Back on Time- Like we said earlier on, you have a problem, you know that, but it’s time to fix. You remember the problem right? Good. Remember it and move on to how to fix it. The sooner you’re able to jot down solutions, start eliminating some, finding the right one, the quicker we’ll achieve that feeling of accomplishment and can carry on better than we once were.
  • Allow You to Take Charge- We all like to be in control in some sort of way right? Come on, be honest. It’s nice being in control at times and the feel of completion afterward is extremely satisfying as well. It allows you to not worry about others and how bright you shine. Remember, the sun doesn’t care if it blinds you. So take control and shine on!

But “I want to lose weight”, “I need more money”, “I wish I had more friends”, ‘I want a girl/boyfriend” are all problems. I want. I need. We naturally allow our minds to wander towards the negative. But how can we finally achieve?

Make that our primary focus when situations arise and our happier thoughts will help us prevail. It’s just something we just have to know when to do. Like you control the outcome of the problem, you also control when you are done knowing, dwelling, and focusing on the problem and flip the switch on over to start thinking solutions and positively.

No matter what obstacle is thrown in your way today, step back, analyze the problem then move forward and find the solution. This is taking positive personal action; the law of attraction will take care of the rest!

As always, we are here to help you get started! If you need advice or an extra nudge. E-mail Alan at or visit our facebook page, or instagram!

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