Published On: Thu, Mar 8th, 2018

Armand Grossman Campaign Purchases “Media Advertising” Worth $15,000

According to the latest Treasurer’s Report out of the Armand Grossman Campaign, $15,000 has been paid to FNB Media LLC for “Media Advertising”.

Via SunBiz, FNB Media LLC is not only owned by Peter Gary, who also owns the blog Boca Voice but is also named as the manager of Boca Voice LLC on SunBiz.

“I’m amazed this even needs to be explained,” said Grossman campaign manager Todd Richardson when asked by The Boca Raton Tribune about the $15,000 payment. “This is how cable television is purchased.”

The Boca Raton Tribune then asked Richardson to provide proof the money was only in relation to the advertising agency and not Boca Voice’s endorsement of Armand Grossman, yet until the time of publication, Richardson has not responded.

The Treasurer’s Report confirms the money was sent to FNB Media LLC on February 19, just three days before Boca Voice’s endorsement of Grossman for City Council Seat D on February 22.

The Boca Voice has not officially responded to the allegations but Peter Gary did reply to a comment by a reader via facebook and said, “I’m a for-profit entity I have the ability to endorse whom I like.” Boca Voice also published a video with Grossman on Wednesday pushing their endorsed candidate.

We will continue to monitor this developing story.

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