Published On: Fri, Feb 2nd, 2018

Tricks of the Trade

By: Alan Ataman
Founder of the Total Health Immersion Program

We all wouldn’t mind getting rid of a few pounds here and there while tightening the body up a little bit right? Maybe take a few pounds from the stomach area? Get that bicep/tricep separation showing? Make those love handles a bit leaner? We’ve got plenty in our heart, we don’t need them on our hips too. It’d be even cooler if we could lose those pounds from those areas really fast to huh? Well, I’m unfortunately going to have to be the burden of bad news and inform all of us that there is no magic pill for that.

Trust me, I wish there was, I’d be all over it, taking it, selling it, pushing it, promoting it, and everything else that wouldn’t be weird with it. But there’s not. Well, what does work then Alan? Huh? You may not like this answer but hard work, a good exercise regime, proper sleep, a healthy diet, patience, and consistency is what’s going to work. 100% Effort = 100% Results.

But what if I also said there might be a few ways to help speed the process up a little bit? Help get to our goals a little bit sooner. Because there is! Annnndddd they are…

Drink More Water: Drinking water helps speed up your metabolism, cleanse your body of waste, and can help curb your appetite. Go for cool water because your body expends more calories having to warm up the water in it. One study showed that subjects who drank 16 ounces of water at a time experienced a 30 percent increase in metabolic rate during the following hour, burning an extra 24 calories.

Eat with Herbs and Spices: Turmeric, Cumin, Paprika, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, and Cardamom have all been shown to help the body burn extra calories when using them. Whether it be from speeding up your metabolism, boosting your body’s temperature, blocking the formation of new fat cells, or helping control your blood sugar levels, all these seasonings have been shown to help burn a few extra calories throughout the day. Oh, and they taste pretty good on a nice, juicy piece of Chicken! Food for Thought.

Minimize Stress: Trust me, I know it’s not easy. We all live it. Life can rough but I hope smooth sailing is in the future. But IF at all possible, just know it would go a long way in helping speed up the process. Our bodies Stress hormone, Cortisol, works with and affects our thyroid and pancreas. Our Thyroid is responsible for our metabolic rate and stress slows that rate down. The Pancreas also helps with our metabolic rate by producing insulin and discharging it into our bloodstream, where it goes off to monitor our glucose and sugar levels, keeping everything flowing smoothly. If both get affected by stress, our metabolism goes down. Metabolism goes down then the burning of calories slows down. And that makes us sad. So as Mr. Marley once said, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”.

Eat Less, More- Smaller meals: more often will help keep the metabolism working, burning through the calories, keeping them off, while training the stomach to become smaller. Look at your stomach as a balloon that has already been blown up. If we put more food in the balloon than it can comfortably hold, the balloon will get used to needing more food, eat less more often and it will get used to needing less. That’s when the stomach gets smaller and over time this can create a beautiful deficit in your total food intake and before you realize… You’re down a belt loop or three!

Drink A Little Green Tea– Green Tea has “Catechins” in it which can help prevent fat storage while also increasing our body’s temperature to further burning more calories. Mix that with the caffeine that can help speed up our metabolism, having an increase in fat oxidation and improvement of the flow of our insulin, and we have quite a few benefits that Green Tea can produce.

So those are some awesome tidbits to incorporate into our daily lives. Are these tricks going to have your beach body ready by next week? No. But is an extra 150-350 calories off your body a week going to get you there sooner? 1000%! Everything counts. You’ve heard the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a Day” right? Well, let’s take it a step further and throw on there that “No, But they were laying brick every hour” and that’s what these tricks are, the “bricks” because everything we do moving forward counts.

So go ahead, put all the above together with a good diet and exercise program and watch those pounds start falling off. Pants are going get looser, the face is going get thinner, and you’re going just overall be healthier and feel better. These are a few Tricks of the Trade.

As always, we here to help you get started! If you need advice or an extra nudge. E-mail us at or visit our facebook page, or instagram!

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