Published On: Sat, Dec 16th, 2017

Alan Ataman Encourages Healthy Lifestyle with Total Health Immersion Program

By: Michael Demyan

Alan Ataman before and after his transformation.

Alan Ataman was a typical guy in high school who was typically in shape, then when he went through a rough breakup, depression started to affect his health. He gained weight, his grades dropped and he skipped classes to avoid his ex-girlfriend.

The breaking point for him came when that ex-girlfriend came up to him one day and told him that he had “gotten really fat.” That moment catapulted him into the world of fitness, which he is still a part of today.

Ataman is now the director of the Total Health Immersion Program, which he started alongside Dr. Evan Hasson of Specific Chiropractic.

The full program features 42 one on one training sessions, both indoors and outdoors, along with a four month long gym membership to FitRX. Ataman makes himself available at just about any time of day to keep his clients on track when they need him most, no matter what their schedule looks like.

“It’s facilitated to help take people from where they are to where they want to be with a no excuse mentality,” Ataman said. “So whether that be I work with them at eight o’clock at night, whether it’s at five o’clock in the morning, whether it’s for just an hour at two o’clock in the afternoon. One way or another we get the job done together, because of the importance and the benefits of exercise and health and what we eat can do for our body.”

Ataman wants to be less like a trainer and more like a friend, staying by their side through their journey. The Total Health Immersion Program includes morning check-ins to make sure everyone is getting up and ready to have an active, healthy day. Clients will also send him photos of their meals giving some extra accountability to what they decide to eat.

“I want to be for others what I wish I had during my weight loss transformation,” he said.

The program takes the friendship even further. Ataman will take everyone in the Total Health Immersion program for a team social outing once a week, going to places like a miniature golf course, bowling alley or the movie theater.

“Other than just exercises, if you’re not happy with maybe your looks or your life, or maybe you are a little depressed or stressed with what’s going on, it’s healthy to get together with people that are kind of in the same situation,” he said.

Ataman’s goal is to get people on the fast track to a healthy lifestyle without having repeat clients.

“If I can’t do my job in a 100 days, I’ve failed you and I haven’t failed yet, nor do I plan to at this stage of the Total Health Immersion Program,” he said.

For more information on the Total Health Immersion Program and how to join, as well as other packages offered, visit

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