Published On: Tue, Nov 7th, 2017

New Politics Lights Up Sunset Cove Stage

By: Gabriela Barbieri

New Politics came with 311 on Aug. 1 to the Sunset Cove Amphitheater in Boca Raton, but this high-energy Danish rock band performed so well they deserved an article of their own. Not to mention a shout out to their two upcoming shows in Florida, so you guys know where to see them next.

First things first: they are going to be playing at two Florida festivals in the month of December. “The Big Ticket Festival” in Jacksonville on Dec. 1 and in the “Riptide Festival” in Fort Lauderdale on Dec. 2, so no matter where you are in Florida, you can have a good chance to see them. Not to mention, both of these festivals come with other great headliners.

Also, they released a new album. But we will talk about that later.

Before I get into who else is going to be playing at these festivals, I’m going to talk about New Politics. Such high energy going on for so long in Florida summer’s heat is rare, so just for that, I was impressed. The lead singer, David Boyd, went up and interacted with the crowd too many times to count and even did a little crowd surfing/standing, in addition to breakdancing, handstands on his head, flips and tricks, along with jumping the whole time. Soren Hansen, their lead guitarist, brings back the pop punk-type look we miss from Avril Lavigne and Sum 41, while he also happens to be extremely photogenic and very energetic. Louis Vecchio, the drummer, is not your average sit-down drummer. This man stood up several times and was actually the first and main focus on the stage when the performance started.

Their top songs are currently “Harlem,” “Everywhere I Go,” “One of Us,” “Tonight You’re Perfect,” and “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah,” respectively. Their most current is “One of Us,” which you may have heard on 104.3 The Shark. It is slower than some of their other songs like “Harlem,” which is a very poppy dance song. But if you like “One of Us,” consider checking out their song “Stardust.” The band overall is a pop-punk with some electronic rock influence.

Their new album, Lost In Translation, came out Friday, Oct. 6 and includes the song “One of Us,” along with nine other bangers; 10 songs total. Their song “Tell Your Dad” featuring River Cuomo is a very summery song that goes along all too well with the Florida heat. “Color Green” is a fully packed emotion song recorded on slower beats, really emphasizing the words. It is structured in poem styled lyric instead of a story, which in turn makes the listener think and have to listen to it a few times before grasping the meaning.  “Lifeboat” is very upbeat and will probably be one of their new songs that will be fantastic to see them perform in their very energy packed style of performance involving the crowd. “Lifted” is worth a listen and “Istanbul” shows off their European roots. “East Coast Thilla” has party vibes running through the entirety of it and I can definitely see this being used as the overlay song in a movie for an outdoor or youth party scene. “Clouds” however, may or may not be their next alternative radio hit.

The album covered a few different styles so if one song does not catch your ears, try another.

The Big Ticket is on December 1st and contains The Lumineers, Walk the Moon, Bleachers along with more great bands.

The Riptide Festival is on the 2nd and 3rd and includes Cage the Elephant, Weezer, Portugal. The Man, Iration, Joywave, PVRIS, and much more.

Both of are bringing New Politics, Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness, Saint Motel, and Mondo Cozmo.

So where ever you are in Florida, make sure to try to snag a ticket to one of these two great shows and go see New Politics’ set along with the other great artists performing. Don’t wait too long though! You only have one month to go!

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