Published On: Fri, Sep 1st, 2017

311 Still Rockin After Almost 30 Years!

By Gabriela Barbieri

Boca Raton, August 1st 311 came with New Politics and Passafire to Boca Raton’s very own Sunset Cove Amphitheater! The Sunset Cove only puts on about five or six major shows a year so it didn’t come to a surprise that their staff was still significantly untrained. Upon walking in to the venue with my camera I was told no cameras were allowed in. Which resulted in me kindly raising my hand to reveal that I had a wristband that was clearly labeled “PHOTO”. This however was not enough and I still had to undergo a lovely conversation with the entrance staff to explain to them that cameras are allowed for people that have photo passes. Not a shocker considering staff was probably just hired at the start of summer, but concerning since they had the sold out Rebelution show a night or two before.

However – the 311 show was great. It wasn’t as full as it could have been if it hadn’t rained all week but still a great turn out.


311 has been around since 1988 and released their 12th studio album this year, yes in 2017, called Mosaic. 311 has also been touring every year since 1993! This did not stop Nick Hexum, the now 47 year old man, from rocking up the stage and wooing the crowd. He was in pristine condition. Whenever he jumped you couldn’t help but notice the definition of his abdominals and strength of his arms, talk about being fit and healthy.


One thing is for certain about 311; they have VERY dedicated fans. One couple that was there, at least as far as I could see, an hour before the show started was going for their 19th and 22nd 311 concert! Talk about good music fans. The general crowd that arrived later just prior to the 311 set were also good fans and where as happy and energetic as ever.

Keep a lookout for the New Politics article coming out later talking about this performance with 311 and their upcoming show in South Florida!



All photos by Gabriela Barbieri

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  1. jimbo says:

    This goes to show you can’t rely on spell-check – so many misspelled words, bad grammar, horrible punctuation. Does someone review your work before it gets published? If so, they should be fired. I hope you are still in high school and are learning to write better, and this is one of your first articles. “Rocken” isn’t a word. I think you meant “Rockin'” Also, “allowed” vs “aloud” twice.

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