Published On: Fri, Jul 7th, 2017

Junior League of Boca Raton Names New President

By: Michael Demyan

junior league boca presidentThe Junior League of Boca Raton recently announced that Renata Sans de Negri will be the new president of the nonprofit organization.

Sans de Negri, who earned an MBA in international business from Lynn University, has been a part of the JLBR for the past eight years, serving through numerous different positions, including child welfare co-chair and personnel manager.

“It is such an honor that the League instills the trust in me to lead the organization. I am deeply grateful and extremely excited.  I have big shoes to fill!” Sans de Negri said.

The JLBR currently has 692 members who donate roughly 25,000 hours of community service per year. They are always dedicated to improving the community through their volunteer work and focusing on issues such as hunger and child welfare. Along with their service to the community, the organization averages raising more than $250,000 every year.

Sans de Negri also served as a chair member with In the Pines, a nonprofit partner out of West Delray Beach which assists local farmers. Her work there led to the JLBR expanding their service.

“From the first smile that I encountered there, my heart melted,” she said. “The League is involved in so many projects around our community, this one was personal to me.”

The organization has named a total of 43 presidents during the 46 years they have been a part of the Boca Raton community and now Sans de Negri is their 44th. She succeeds Kirsten Stanley, who became the president in 2015.

Stanley has been instrumental in numerous recent successes for the JLBR. During her time as president, the organization received over $55,000 in grants and trained numerous members and other nonprofit organizations. They also had 89 new members join the efforts to make the city of Boca Raton the best it can be.

Stanley believes that the JLBR’s success will strongly continue under Sans di Negri’s leadership as she thinks that she is well fit for the position.

“Renata brings outstanding professionalism and strategic thought to the role,” Stanley said. “She will continue the League’s 46-year legacy of women as catalysts for change.”

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