Published On: Wed, May 10th, 2017

Sand Turtles Volleyball Introduces Kids to the Sport

By: Nikki Colonna

volleyballSand Turtles Volleyball Program hosts their clinics in Boca Raton’s Meadow Park as they introduce more and more kids to the basics of volleyball. They also have expanded their beginner and intermediate clinics to Lighthouse Point location in Dan Witt Park.

Sand Turtles Volleyball is a program that teaches children ages 8-16 at beginner and intermediate levels the basics behind sand volleyball as well as fitness. Classes are twice a week from 6:45 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The program is run by Mark Lewkowicz while his daughters Lauren and Julia Lewkowicz assist and help run things in different locations. They have grown up around volleyball and this has truly become a family business for them.

Knowing how club volleyball is expensive, Sand Turtles Volleyball wants to fill that gap and provide quality classes for a very affordable price for those who do not have money or time to travel yet still want to learn volleyball.

“Now that my daughters are grown up, I still enjoy seeing kids get better,” Mark said. “[In these clinics], there’s no pressure and it’s always a good time.”

The main ideas behind Sand Turtles Volleyball is learn the basic skills, staying active in a fun way, and making new friends through the enjoyment of the sport. These classes are a good way to spark interest in the sport at a young age.

Lauren runs the Coconut Creek location and Julia works as an assistant coach in Boca Raton when she is not playing beach volleyball for Florida Atlantic University. Both daughters love to relay their experiences and love for the game as players to kids just learning.

“[We want] to give every kid that does not know how to play [volleyball], the opportunity to learn the skills to play,” Mark said.

Starting the first location in Coral Springs in 2009, Mark built his foundation through free clinics and marketing through social media and word-of-mouth. The program spread quickly and grew bigger.

When a program is started, Sand Turtles Volleyball starts with the beginners level and then develops the kids to an intermediate level. That way kids are able to learn at the pace they need and can move up when they feel comfortable and want to advance their game.

“My hope for the future is to get college level kids helping me coach these youngsters how to play,” Mark added. “I would love to franchise the business and get it going all over the country.”

Sand Turtles Volleyball’s next 12 lesson session is over a 6-7 week period and is set to begin on May 22. The one-day free clinic will be offered on May 18 at 6:45 p.m. in all locations. To register and for more information visit

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