Published On: Fri, Apr 21st, 2017

Sweet Dream Makers Organization Works With Boca Regional Hospital to Give Beds to Babies

By: Nikki Colonna

sweet dream makersSweet Dream Makers make it their mission to provide beds and cribs to babies who are in need. Linking their efforts with Boca West Foundation and Boca Regional Hospital makes sure that no child sleeps in an unfit setting.

A grant was given 4 years ago from the Boca West Foundation to Sweet Dream Makers to work with them and fund their efforts to get bunk beds and furniture needed to help the children in the area.

When the Boca West Foundation started, they aspired to stop the poverty cycle in the next generation in children by doing everything in their power to educate them so that they can function in a school environment.

“We found out right away that you can’t educate a child if they are hungry, or if they haven’t had a good night sleep,” said Arthur Adler, Chairman of Boca West Foundation.

They sought to make all aspects better for the community in order to make it possible for kids to be educated. This grant helped kick off the beginning of a good thing and as of September 2017, Sweet Dream Makers became officially a Florida non-profit corporation.

Sweet Dream Makers promotes good health and well being of children and their families. By donating bedding, and other necessary furniture, kids benefit and are given the opportunity to sleep in much better conditions.

Executive director of Sweet Dream Makers, Suzy Broad, started as a long time volunteer throughout Boca with a bunch of her friends as ‘do-gooders’. They realized through word of mouth in the community that families needed essential furniture and the most urgent need was for beds.

“The need [for beds] is staggering, and if there is a need, we can help,” said Broad.

Suzy used the small grant to fund beds, starting at purchasing 2-4 a month to now about 75-100 beds a month, ranging from cribs and toddlers to bunks and adults.

Sweet Dream Makers matched up with Boca Regional Hospital to utilize them as a referral basis. Based on cases if a child is going home to a bedless house or an unsanitary sleeping space, the hospital has a place to call to help out such a situation.

“We treat everyone with dignity and respect; we are not here to judge them on their situation,” added Broad. “We are here to help.”

The organization provides kids and their families with a brand new bed, a mattress, box spring, pillows and sheets. They do not just fill the need of the child but of the family as well and make sure the rest of the families have all the essential furniture necessary. Such items include gently used dressers, dining room tables, sofas and more.

Another level that the hospital is able to contribute to such an organization is acting as a referral base for Sweet Dream Makers. If there is a case of a family of a baby who is going home without a crib or safe sleeping arrangement, the need is referred to Sweet Dream Makers to help.

“I think there is so much altruism within this community and we really do want to help each other and any partnership the hospital can have with  programs like this is beneficial both ways,”  said Karen Edlington, Director of Labor and Delivery at Boca Regional Hospital.

Though program is unique and so far, no one is doing anything like this. This charitable organization has brought attention to this problem going through Boca Raton. People are desperate and have a need that needs to be filled. Luckily, the fix is immediate. Kids and their families have been so grateful.

“We hope to continue to help those in the community because this is a need that most do not think about but it is something important that should continue to spread,” said Broad.

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