Published On: Mon, Apr 10th, 2017

New gaming bill filed by Florida Senator

gamingThe Florida Senator Bill Galvano has filed a new gaming bill on Thursday to calm down the gaming issues that are plaguing his jurisdiction state. Senator Galvano filed the SB 8 bill on Thursday which covers various gaming areas from the compact which involves the daily fantasy sports, the Seminole tribe, and the gas pumps lottery sales.

The SB 8 bill covers numerous topics which have an inclusion of the $3 billion Governor Rick Scott’s gaming compact which was reached in 2015 by the Seminal Tribe. According to the bill, the compact would have some placed requirements for the tribe and become approved. According to the bill, the tribe will also accept the revised exceptions which run on the slot games including the card games banked in the house.

The bill will also allow the Seminole Tribe to have access to the dice games and wheels in the meeting exchanges. Moreover, the requirements will also be met through an expansion of the blackjack game to all the online bitcoin casinos owned in the Florida state.

Pari-mutuels will also offer Blackjack gaming based on the proposed SB 8 which will have their tables capped at a track of 25 percent. You are allowed to place no more than $100 on the second card wedges. On a monthly gross, you are required to pay a tax of 25 percent of all revenues gained by the blackjack operators.

For all the pari-mutuels operators, you will also have access to provide the slot gaming so long as you have the venue located in the state which has the options approved by a vote of the referendum. For the Miami-Dade County, new slot licenses will also be issued to those who seek to become part of the bill. The Broward County also has the licenses up for grabs.

The bill also allows the state slot tax to go down with time. They are also proposing to have the tax go down from 35 percent to 25 percent. For all gaming, they are allowed to take place at the card rooms and slot venues all-day-long every day of the week. According to the previous law, gaming was allowed to be held for only 18 hours a day for only the slot venues. During that time, card venues were prohibited from operation for the slot gaming. They were only allowed to have their operations last for eight hours a day. This is truly a big change for them.

As far as the concern for the daily fantasy sport is imminent, this bill will also have an inclusion of the previous proposal. For this reason, the Business Department and the professional Regulations Department will also have to create the Amusements Office to have the two bills correlated. This is the group which has been appointed to overlook all the activities involving the fantasy daily sports. DFS licenses are required to pay an initial fee which does not exceed $500,000. For you to continue in business, you are also needed to pay an annual fee which does not exceed $100,000. For the smaller operators, they expect to get a lower fee according to a promise made by the state.

Galvano’s proposal has an inclusion of another provision which allows all counties which have the Pari-mutuels which have not conducted the slot machines referendum to do so after the beginning of the year 2018. They must also track the reports for the greyhound to have the dog injuries reported within seven days. Moreover, there is a provision of more than $20 million in proceeds from the compact Seminal Tribe to be used to purchase active permits for the Pari-mutuels.

According to the bill, there are even more gaming changes which do not have the exclusion of the terminals for the POS lottery. This is an action which will offer the station sales at gas stations where they will be pumped immensely. While there is an inclusion of the terminals at the stations, they must never have any video inclusion or depiction of any machine gaming. Mechanical reels will also not feature and title bitcoin casino games. According to the bill presented by Senator Galvano, it is expected that the gaming provision will have a new revolution in the industry.

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