Published On: Tue, Apr 4th, 2017

Appearance is Everything: Improving the Aesthetics of Your Store Can Improve Business

Sight is an important sense when it comes to decision making. It powers our everyday lives and is a huge player when we’re making a decision about products to consume and purchase. Product packaging has been shown to be very important when it comes to influencing shoppers’ behavior. For example, research cited by The Paper Worker has shown that certain colors can trigger emotional responses with consumers. Yellow can trigger feelings of happiness. Red can trigger feelings of excitement.

But this logic doesn’t just stop with individual items and products. The store that these products are housed in is also important. In effect, it’s the container or packaging for all of your stock and staff. Convincing shoppers to enter your store is the first step on the way to getting them to purchase products.

Having a solid store appearance can be a powerful branding tool and can help complement the buying journey, as well as helping to convey company values, beliefs and ideals. Consumers have certain expectations when it comes to retail, especially when it comes to price and products offered. Price is a real pain point for consumers and the article above suggests that this has lead consumers away from traditional stores, turning towards e-commerce stores as they are perceived to be cheaper – despite traditional stores also offering healthy discounts and savings. This relates to an issue with appearance and branding; some physical stores are simply seen as expensive, even though the reality is much different.

Studying consumer behavior is a good trick to have in your repertoire. Look for how your shoppers interact with your store, the areas where they spend lots of time, and the areas that are passed over. Try to think of reasons why this could be happening. Understanding psychological elements of behavior can be extremely powerful. Poker players have long known this and are always looking for psychological tricks to help read and influence their opponents. One of the best ways to gain information on another poker player is to simply study their behavior to help gauge and understand their actions. Clearly, learning to read behavior is powerful, especially if you’re wanting to directly influence the outcome of another person’s actions. Understanding consumer psychology can help boost a store’s conversion rates and profit. One of the most important, but subtle, elements is store layout.

Products placed at eye level command the most attention, so this is where stores usually place the items they want to sell the most of, usually because they have high margins. This is something you should be measuring and studying. If it is delivering good results, stick with it. If your products are not selling at the expected rate, try a new layout or product arrangement to attempt to tackle the problem.

You should also think about the number of products you’re offering in store and how these relate to your audience. Offering an unnecessary range of products can make it difficult to choose which item should be bought, thus hurting your conversion rates. In the same vein, going with too few options can make a store feel empty or bare, which isn’t a sign of good quality.

Retail is a very important sector within Boca Raton. It employs 12.5% of the local workforce and helps the local economy compete in the wider prosperous Florida economy. Therefore, it’s vital that all stores perform as efficiently as possible. Simply thinking about your store design and the shopper experience can lead to an increase in business and purchases, which is good for your business and the local community as a whole.

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