Published On: Thu, Mar 2nd, 2017

What is VPN and how to use it?

Using simple words, VPN is an absolutely secure channel that connects your device to the Internet with any other on the worldwide network. You can imagine it more figuratively: without connecting to a VPN service, your computer (laptop, phone, TV or any other device) is like a private house without a fence when going online. At any time, anyone can deliberately or accidentally break the trees, trample beds in your garden. With the use of VPN, your house becomes an impregnable fortress, it is simply impossible to violate its protection.

How does VPN work?

If you want to understand how to use a vpn, you need to comprehend its basics. The principle of VPN operation is simple and transparent for the end user. At the time of your connection to the network, a virtual tunnel is created between your device and the rest of the Internet blocking any attempts to get inside from outside. For you, the work of the VPN remains absolutely precise and inconspicuous. Your personal or business correspondence, Skype or telephone conversations cannot be intercepted or overheard. All your data is encrypted by a special encryption algorithm, it is almost impossible to hack.

In addition to protecting against intrusion from the outside, the VPN provides an opportunity to virtually visit any country of the world and use the network resources of these countries, watch television channels that were previously unavailable. VPN will replace your IP address with any other one. To do this, you will only need to select a country from the list, for example, the Netherlands and all the sites and services you will visit will automatically “think” that you are in this country.

Why not anonymizer or proxy?

The question arises, why not just use any anonymizer or proxy server on the network because they also replace the IP-address? Yes, everything is very simple, none of these services provides protection, you still remain visible to the attackers, and therefore all the data that you exchange on the Internet. And, in addition to working with proxy servers, you require a certain ability to set exact settings. VPN operates according to the following principle: Connect and operate, it does not require any additional settings. The whole process of connection takes a couple of minutes and is very simple.

About Free VPNs

When choosing the service, remember that there are restrictions on the amount of traffic and data transfer speed with free VPN services. So there can be a situation where you simply cannot continue to use the free VPN. Do not forget that free VPNs are not always stable and often overloaded. Even if you do not exceed the limit, data transfer can be delayed for a long period of time due to the high workload of the VPN server. Paid VPN services are characterized by high throughput, no restrictions, both on traffic and speed, and the level of security is higher than for free ones.

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