Published On: Thu, Mar 9th, 2017

Ultimate Soccer Store nears One Year Anniversary in Boca Raton Location

13939474_1624627721199827_2077443478304770416_nBy: Stephanie Fonseca

Soccer has been growing sport in South Florida. However, anyone who plays soccer, knows that it isn’t the easiest task to find soccer gear in Boca Raton.

That’s not the case anymore. Located in Fifth Avenue Shops on Federal and 20th Street, The Ultimate Soccer Store continues to grow as the marquee soccer store destination in Boca Raton as their first year anniversary looms around the corner.

As you walk into the Ultimate Soccer Store, you come across a different kind of store. Instead of tile, you see synthetic grass and lines imitating that of a soccer field. The walls are covered of everything soccer, with cleats and sports gear lining the walls of the store.

“We wanted to bring something different to the market,” said Owner Alessandra Nogueira. They wanted to bring a different concept, impacting customers as soon as they walked in the door, something that they have been successful in doing said Nogueira.

The idea for The Ultimate Soccer Store came when Nogueira was looking for a new market to branch into. Because of the consistent growth in the sport along with the growth of Brazilians in the area, all studies Nogueira and her business partners made pointed to Boca.

The Ultimate Soccer Store supplies everything from cleats, to workout gear for women, training equipment, and soccer uniform customizations. Nogueira also mentioned that if they don’t have what you’re looking for, they’ll make it their mission to find and get it to the customer.

Having made partnerships with soccer teams not only in Boca Raton but throughout South Florida, Nogueira’s hope is that these strategic partnerships will bring growth to the store. “It’s been a steady growth these past 11 months, our hopes are to grow and multiply,” said Nogueira.

Coaches who have partnerships with The Ultimate Soccer Store get discounts on training equipment of 15% and their players get a 10% discount. Besides catering the store experience to each customer’s needs, they also have a designated area where they hold FIFA tournaments at the beginning of the season for players with prizes for the winners. The designated area can also be used as a meeting room open which is open  for coaches who want to look over film with their player, free of charge.

Whatever the case may be The Ultimate Soccer Store looks to help the expansion of the sport they are so passionate about in South Florida. “We live and breathe soccer, and with our passion for the store we want to open the doors to this sport here,” said Alessandra Nogueira.

Ultimate Soccer Store also has an online store, where fans can shop online for their favorite gear and have the items shipped to their door.

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