Published On: Fri, Mar 3rd, 2017

Online gambling situation in Switzerland

All over the world, online gambling is a hugely profitable market. Every country has own regulations, and there are a lot of issues regarding the legal operation of these gaming facilities. Without any doubts, online gaming is more convenient, allows playing for free and attracts gamblers with a wide selection of classic and brand new games as well as with generous promotions and bonuses.

In Switzerland, online gambling is strictly illegal, and this is sad as this country is one of the richest in the world. Only in 1993 gambling became legal in Switzerland but this law is only concerning land based facilities. Today, there is a recommended law regarding legalizing online gambling in this country, but, it can be ratified only in 2019. Meanwhile, Swiss citizens can enjoy gambling only at land based facilities or using foreign online gambling websites. Also, Switzerland is not a member of EU, so doesn’t have to comply with European directives regarding the i-gaming industry.

Today, Swiss gamblers tend to choose foreign platforms to gamble online, and their favorite games to choose are poker and roulette, classic games that attract gamblers worldwide. If you want to make the right choice, best roulette guide and casino list hold the list of top casinos to play with real money. Among the best foreign online casinos to enjoy favorite games are 888 Casino, All Slots Casino, BetWay Casino and much more.

The history of gambling in Switzerland has always been confusing. The traces of gaming activities suggesting that gambling was popular during the Roman Empire as well as in the Middle ages but was banned as an immoral activity that discourages labor and was associated with waste. Only recently land-based facilities became legal, and now 20 Swiss cities have own casinos and attract European gamblers.

According to the latest news, some measures are expected to be taken regarding setting limits on foreign online gaming websites as they treated like those, able jeopardizing online security along with nation’s digital economy. Nonetheless, it is still pretty easy for Swiss gamblers to play online using foreign platforms as these overseas operators are not blocked as well as Swiss banks haven’t provided any restrictions regarding money transactions for online gambling.

Citizens of Switzerland are fluent in German, Italian and French, therefore, able finding a lot of suitable foreign online casinos to choose from. Starting online gambling is rather easy: potential gamblers should be over 18 years old and provide few personal details.

The majority of online casinos accept players from Switzerland as well as Swiss Francs. The easiest way to make deposits is using an own credit card. Also it is possible to use e-wallets, Skrill, Neteller, Paypal, Paysafecard and other payment services. Welcome bounces and special offers are also available for Swiss players. As one can see, there are plenty of chances for Swiss gamblers to find a reliable foreign online casino.

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