Published On: Wed, Jan 4th, 2017

Is Digital Gambling A Good Thing? Let’s Learn A Lesson From Human Psychology!


Mankind is known to treat gambling with a fair pinch of salt. We tend to believe, for some reason, that the game of roulette is a disturbing, awkward way sick people spend their time on.

But, if the game was so bad, how did it survive for as long? We’ve chosen to roll the dice as species ever since money were invented and, perhaps, even earlier on.

Is gambling really that bad?

Just look at the wide availability of casino online games that can be accessed 24/7. After that, try to remember some of the most prominent newspaper headlines. Surely at least one of the local ones is about a middle-aged person hitting it big with a multi-million jackpot! Did the smiling face from the cover seem sick to you at the moment?

Gambling, aside all things, should be treated like prescription drugs. It is slightly addictive but, in small portions, the benefits of it improve overall health of a person both physically and psychologically.

How? Keep on reading and find out for yourself.

The benefits of digital gambling

Why are online casinos beneficial to players? There are a total of at least four reasons known to scientists and researchers. Here they are:

  1. Social interaction enhancement. People have to deal with anxiety on a daily basis. Communications with others in real life can become an exquisite torture especially for those of us with slightly lower self-esteem. According to recent studies of online gaming, this useful genre of digital interactions helps to deal with these issues. Social gaming casinos have proven to be most successful in this niche.
  2. Happiness through satisfaction. It’s obvious that a person who wins a dollar or two is quite happy. A person winning a fortune is, undeniably, happier but in the tough world we live in every little piece matters. VI bonuses, entry awards and free spins are aimed at encouraging enthusiasm and the game itself is a massive burst of thrill-packed hormones that makes players happy just like a delicious meal or a friendly conversation.
  3. Hand to eye coordination improvement. Bingo players, more often than not, happen to grow in the field of mental dexterity. In a recent study of bingo players it was proven that their response time is X1.5 higher than the one of a usual person. That noted, both younger and older participants of the research showed nearly identical results. This means that bingo players do not loosen their reflexes with age, unlike non-players.
  4. Juiced up ability to focus. Games like Poker, Blackjack and Baccarat encourage a chess-like mindset of players. Constant evaluation of one’s hand, endless counting of remaining cards in the deck as well as strategically placement of bets result in raising the ability to focus in people.


We hoped you were convinced that digital gaming is here to stay!

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