Published On: Sun, Nov 20th, 2016

How to start planning moving with children?

It is very important decision to move to a new home that sometimes may require international relocation. This stressful period is challenging for adults and for children as well. While planning your relocation it is important to think in advance about children’s safety and here are some basic steps to take in order to ease the transition:

  • Organize a family meeting, discuss reasons for relocation, explain all the benefits moving will bring;
  • Involve children in organizational process, assign them to pack own toys;
  • Ask your children for assistance while organizing a garage sale to get rid of old things and make room for new ones;
  • Find out as much as possible about the new neighborhood, community and town, make sure there will be plenty of opportunities for your children to have fun. Encourage kids to make their own research. Let children assist you in the search of a new school;
  • If your new home is located in California – this state has a lot to offer. Visit it in advance while movers orange county will take care about delivering your possessions;
  • Organize a “See You Soon” party for your children at your old house. Take pictures of your kids and their friends.


Following these recommendations creates a more relaxed atmosphere during this challenging period.

Additional services provided by professional movers

Without any questions you should dedicate all your free time to family matters. Therefore, professional movers provide clients with whole range of additional           services that will make your life much easier. Among most popular and required services there are:

  • Packing and unpacking. These time-consuming activities demand manually manage – wrapping, every item in your house. Moreover, very often we have no idea how to handle some fragile, breakable or bulky items as they demand special handling along with specific packing materials. Expert movers guarantee that your possessions will be delivered  intact as well as on time;
  • Managing your bulky and large furniture; disassembly or reassembly may be tricky and challenging and experts  have special equipment and have experience in dealing these issues;
  • Hoisting service is extremely valuable, especially if you live in an apartment on the last floor. Movers have a lot of special equipment that allows them avoid moving related injuries and free your apartment of large items in no time;
  • Moving firms may provide storage facilities if you are dealing with long distance moving ;


Professional mover will allow you to dedicate enough time to children and preserve peace of mind when organizing your relocation.

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