Published On: Fri, Nov 18th, 2016

Premium Wall Design Specializes in Custom Artistic Wall Finishes and More

Premium Wall Design Studio is an art studio based in South Florida that specializes in custom artistic finishes for walls and other surfaces. Since 1999, the artisans at the studio have been providing handcrafted wall design collections to distinguished interior designers, businesses, and high-end homeowners in Florida, other states and overseas in Brazil, Dubai, and Ukraine with the utmost professionalism.

With an unparalleled commitment to client satisfaction and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Premium Wall Design Studio has raised the bar in custom art finishes with a unique creative process of custom designing exclusive collections for each project. Distinguished high-end interior designers count on their talent and expertise to help and bring unique value to their upscale projects.

“Our projects are truly works of art custom designed to exceed clients’ expectations,” said co-owner Patricia. “Like finger prints, no finish is exactly the same.”

“We are very passionate about creating custom designs for our elite clients,” said co-owner Rita. “We are happy when our clients are happy.”

“Love for what we do moves us forward and Premium Wall Design Studio is inspired by our own unique differences. We feel truly privileged to be able to be inspired by people around us, use our creative minds every day and share with others our passion,” added Rita. “We really love what we do.”

Now the Studio has a brand new in-house project.  For the first

For the first time in the studio’s history, they have created workshops to share our know-how, experience and secrets. From amateurs to experts, you can learn simple tips to professional techniques.

The Artistic Techniques and Finishes Workshops will start after Thanksgiving.

The Course is divided into 4 workshops: Novice, Midway, Leading and proficient, subdivided in 3 sections/classes of 4 hours each, totaling 12 classes. With a total of 48 hours we will be able to introduce, guide and teach, the steps required to create and apply unique artistic techniques on various different surfaces.

From preparing the surfaces to finishing touches, after completing the course you will feel confident to create and apply special techniques to most surfaces with a professional look.

Join Premium Wall Design for Happy Hour or Brunch and learn with the masters how to use materials and create beautiful coverings for your home or profession. One of a kind artistic techniques that you can learn to do yourself.

For more information visit their website

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