Published On: Tue, Sep 20th, 2016

We Need Far More Than Just Entertainment!

By Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr.

The most fulfilleDr.Synesiod lives belong to persons who maintain balance in all their doings. People need to put first things first. Everybody has duties to fulfill, help to extend to others, emergencies to meet, needs to fill, personal interactions to develop. Entertainment is truly valid, and a necessary ingredient in an individual’s full-orbed style, especially to reduce the impact of the many blows that life daily forces on every human.

Entertainment is one of several important, valid components of a life well-lived. Nevertheless, humans can’t operate by entertainment alone. Responsibility must always precede the thrills of what we are entitled to enjoy in life. Problems become inevitable when a person makes of fun an indispensable god, fully present as the primary engagement in one’s daily activities. Such lack of balance most assuredly will destroy the very thrills being sought!

Contemporary western society offers a plethora of entertainment, both licit and illicit, meaningful and superficial – everything that can meet lopsided interests and unbalanced tastes. As someone attentively recognized, society is being bombarded now, more than ever before, with “weapons of mass distraction.”

Yet, while having fun has a legitimate place in any person’s experience, acting responsibly must always occupy the first place. One has to determine and choose what priorities must lead the way; what urgency items must be fulfilled ahead of the enjoyment of legitimate fun, at the time-frames allocated for that purpose!

Within the twenty-four hours which every day provides, people have enough time to apportion to manifold activities, of which work and fun feature prominently for every individual. The secret is to keep every function in proper perspective, recognizing what is negotiable and items that are not!

In spite of countless possibilities for balanced living, too many persons still complain of being bored all the time. This may stem from the fact that “we have too much to live with and too little to live for.” What is tested as a thrilling experience, quickly degenerates into a monstrous bore; expensive “toys” lose their earlier appeal; even healthy habits lose their charm and fail to meet people’s expectations after a while.

To avoid inevitable, negative disappointments, people need a good dose of common-sense which, if well employed, can eliminate faulty choices and erroneous decisions. One’s distribution of time and planning of varied activities can aid one’s fulfillment of labor and leisure for each day!


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