Published On: Sat, Sep 24th, 2016

Human Kindness Has No Frontiers!

By Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr.


Dr.SynesioMany important tasks in the world cannot be carried on without the appropriate credentials of those expected to fulfill them. Just as it happens with international travel, proper documentation is required of those who cross different frontiers!

Fortunately, doing good anywhere in the world can be achieved without a license. It just demands an honest disposition, accompanying one’s ability to fulfill the necessary functions. I refer to simple gestures, to positive attitudes, to easily achievable ends that make an indelible difference in the lives of others who are, thereby, significantly touched.

I am referring to what doesn’t expect,  nor demand, unique credentials other than a sincere heart, overflowing with good will toward other members of the human race and also to institutions that have been established to alleviate human need, and give hope to countless individuals!

Anywhere in the world, many people long for a word of cheer from another, a sincere smile sent in their direction, a possible gesture of affirmation and gratitude for what several individuals often show no interest in providing.

Yet, it is small demonstrations of interest expressed toward others that often “make their day,” or inspire them in also acting likewise. A long chain of good will can be thus created and, if properly managed and sustained, it never ceases from potently affecting the self-esteem of both giver and receiver!

Any good gesture toward another is fulfilled not for what one may gain in return. Some recipients of such generous good cheer may even be initially indifferent to it. However, the one spreading good cheer continues the activity, not on account of expecting anything in return, but because it is good for the environment, and it is the proper deed anywhere, anytime, toward anyone!

We must live daily with the recognition that it is a privilege to act nicely toward others, it is salutary to self and to fellow humans to spread good will wherever one is, and whereto one goes. If any good is to occur in the world, we are to be the source; the initiative must start in our own heart, as we create the climate and a way that can generate a positive environment for the well-being of an entire community! After all, acts of good will are not confined to any borders; human kindness knows no frontiers!

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