Published On: Wed, Sep 14th, 2016

Be Decisive, But Not Impulsive!

By Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr.


Every human action, however small, requires thoughtful planning. Even when a decision needs to be more immediate, on account of its sudden appearance, there’s still a need of time for reflexion before something is done; in all our actions we are to be made with the knowledge of what they full entail, and what their consequences will be!

When such factors are sufficiently ascertained, one must act decisively, but never impulsively. The decisiveness follows a road map, while the impulsiveness most often leads to disaster because key issues will remain untouched, for the detriment of the final outcome!

Sadly, too many people are more aggressive than they should. They act without thinking, without the needed attention for the consequences, whatever they might be! It’s good to be aggressive, in the best sense the word connotes, but only if it is informed aggressiveness.

Impulsiveness is, unfortunately the manner many people act, only to regret later on, sometimes in the midst of unnecessary distress which their impulsiveness has caused.

Some persons may seek refuge in the argument that this is the way they are and have always been, namely, they act with a sense of urgency. Yet, there is a major difference between acting with a sense of urgency and doing things impulsively. The letter entails lack of control regarding the things one says and especially the manner one acts!

Those who equate aggressiveness with decisiveness are usually wrong, because being decisive, as alluded to above, involves thoughtfulness preceding action, rather than the sudden outbursts which aggressiveness manifests, often destroying things even before starting the process.

Every individual needs repairs throughout life, so as to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively, at the right time, with the proper tools, in the most reasonable and positive ways. Such personal repairs represent “tune-ups,” “overhauls,” and other such interventions in one’s personal conduct and practice!

When one practices caution and thoughtfulness in all deeds, major defects shall be avoided, such as burn-out which is associated with loss of meaning rather than a mere fatigue from which anyone can easily recover. Thus, avoid whatever may cause unnecessary hardships which make things nearly impossible to return to normal! And it is the normal that leads to the significant when it keeps on being improved!

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