Published On: Fri, Aug 12th, 2016

Several Reports of Bedbugs at Boca Raton Embassy Suites

downloadMany vacationers head to Boca Raton for the great beaches and Florida Atmosphere, but what they do not expect is to have their trip ruined by bugs crawling around their hotel bed. This is what happened to Mark Miller and his daughter, who were visiting Boca from New York earlier this summer. After switching rooms once on their first night complaining of smell, the Millers found a large bed bug in their room during the night. They captured the bug but decided to switch hotels for the remainder of their trip.

This is not the first report of bugs at the Boca Raton Embassy Suites, many reviews on travel sites have warned guests to stay away. This includes two reports from, a site that specializes in registering bed bug complaints against hotels. One complaint said, “In the middle of the night we were just overwhelmed with bed bug bites…Not only did this void our weekend plans in Boca, but we still have scars on our skin from the numerous bites.” Three other similar reviews from travel sites also complain about bugs.

Florida has not become a hotbed for bedbugs so far, but complaints and problems are steadily rising in the area. Bedbugs are usually a result of guests carrying the bugs between hotels and spreading them with clothes and baggage. Bedbugs are most commonly found in tropical climates such as South Florida and can be spread quickly.

The Boca Raton Embassy Suites responded to one customer who claimed they found Bedbugs on TripAdvisor by saying, “The health and safety of our guests is of the utmost importance and is always a focal point of our operations in order to continue providing our guests with a great experience. We work closely with a professional pest control company to address and rectify any pest situation that might occur.”

The hotel refused to comment to us about any bed bug accusations, with one manager stating only, ““No comment, we don’t have bedbugs”


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  1. Boldygo says:

    You have No comment, then you will no guests!

  2. Dennis OHara says:

    I just cancelled three separate reservations I had for this hotel. I am a Hilton Diamond member and am surprised to hear this. Thank you for informing the public. If more folks know about this issue it will force the owners to rectify the situation or go out of business as people will not stay at the Embassy Suites Boca.

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