Published On: Tue, Aug 2nd, 2016

Meet The Candidates for Seat 3 of the Greater Boca Raton Beach and Park District Commissioner

By Caylin Hirapara

Two seats on the Greater Boca Raton Beach and Park District are up for election on this year. The election, for seat number 3 takes place on August 30th includes three candidates, each with a different philosophy.

Fighting for seat number three is incumbent commissioner Earl Starkoff will face John Costello and Erin Wright.

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Earl Starkoff

The incumbent, Earl Starkoff, 67, has an MBA from the University of Miami and is finishing up his 12th year on the commission having held this seat since 2005. Starkoff most recently works at IRIS Publications. His other political experience includes working on the Board of directors for the South Florida Interactive Marketing Association. He was also president of the Soccer Association of Boca Raton 2000-2008.

“The District is the leading reason that Boca Raton is distinguishable from all other South Florida communities for our appearance, lifestyle choices, and the economic benefits to residents and businesses alike. I am the right choice to stay a commissioner because I will continue to lead with sound debt-free fiscal management as a grassroots listener and voice to protect, preserve, and provide all of our residents with the beautiful beaches, open green spaces and parks that define Boca Raton.”


John Costello

The second candidate is John Costello, 47, who was born and raised in Boca Raton, and has a degree from the University of Florida in forest resources and conservation. He works as a certified Public accountant. Costello is a lifetime Boca resident, and this is his first run for office.

“As a lifetime resident of Boca Raton I am interested in seeing that the parks be fully utilized by all of our citizens. With my qualifications as a certified public accountant and a graduate from the University of Florida with a degree in forest management and resources conservation I am qualified to bring sound fiscal management to the board as well as tools to achieve its conservation and public-service objectives. All of that is long-winded way of saying that I think I would be good at the job and enjoy it.”


Erin Wright

The third candidate for seat 3 is Erin Wright, 37, who has lived in Boca most of her life and has a master’s degree in exercise science and health promotion from FAU. She was an environmental health and safety specialist at the university before opening a local home inspection service with her husband who is a city firefighter. Wright was also a member of the city’s Green Living Task Force/Green Living Advisory Board for almost two years.

“As a local business owner and long time resident of over 30 years, I am deeply invested in the future of our community. Having spent so much time myself playing at the beach and parks when I was young and now with my two boys, I feel I have certain connection and need to get involved. Recently, I have seen the disconnect that has grown between the commission and the city.  There needs to be better communication, specifically meetings need to be scheduled in order to resolve some of the issues that have grown out of this disconnect.  I feel that having a new, fresh face on the commission that is familiar with the need and wants of the growing population of younger families within the district will make a big impact.”

The election will take place on August 30th, and the elected term for commissioners begins on January 1st. For more information about where to vote in the August 30th election visit

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