Published On: Thu, Jul 28th, 2016

Meet The Candidates for Seat 1 of Greater Boca Raton Beach and Park District Commission

By: Caylin Hirapara

Two seats on the Greater Boca Raton Beach and Park District are up for election on this year. The election, which takes place on August 30th, includes six candidates, each with a different philosophy.

Fighting for seat number one is incumbent Dennis Frisch, Craig Ehrnst, and Shayla Enright.

Dr. Dennis Frisch

Dr. Dennis Frisch

The current holder of the seat is Dr. Dennis Frisch, 61, a graduate of Boca Raton High School and the University of Florida. He is a locally practicing Podiatric Surgeon and earned his medical degree from the Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine in Chicago. He has been a member of the city’s Parks and Recreation Advisory Board since 2007 and was first elected to the beach and park commission in 2008.

“I believe that we must continue to maintain our current high-quality parks to meet the recreational needs of our children and adult population,” Frisch said, “We must continue to acquire “green space” as available to provide for future park and recreation needs. The Greater Boca Raton Beach and Park District and the City of Boca Raton must work together for the benefit of our constituents. I am a dedicated public servant and request your vote to allow me to continue to serve you.”

Shayla Enright

Shayla Enright

The second candidate is Shayla Enright, 26, a medical physicist. She earned a dual bachelor’s degrees in physics and chemistry at Florida Atlantic University in 2011 and a Professional Science Master’s degree in medical physics in 2014 also at FAU. Last year she continued her education by earning a master’s degree in biomedical engineering from the University of Miami. While this is her first time running for office, her mother Jean Enright is on the Port of Palm Beach Commission.

Unfortunately, there is a discord between the Beach and Park District and the City of Boca Raton, which prevents things from getting done.  If elected, I would work to make the communication between the District and City more fluid so things get done.  Second, I would ensure our beaches are protected and preserved.  Finally, I would bring a new perspective to the District and get the younger generation involved.  The District is not very well known in the community.  I would make the residents more aware of the District to ensure their voices are heard, and the residents see improvements they feel are needed in the beaches and parks.”

Craig Ehrnst

Craig Ehrnst

The third Candidate for Seat 1 is Craig Ehrnst, 52, who is a corporate treasurer at NCCI Holdings in Boca. He has a masters degree in from University of Michigan in Business Administration. Ehrnst ran for City Council in 2014 and lost narrowly. He is on the board for the Boca Raton Children’s Museum as well as the Boca Raton YMCA. He spent three years on the city’s Financial Advisory Board.

“I am running for a District seat primarily to address an ongoing communication issue between the City and the District. Both sides have been at odds for months, as evidenced by the inter-local contract dispute, budget disagreements, and park planning issues. For example, the Sugar Sand park playground has been closed since January 2015 due to safety concerns. The planned reopening date was missed, and the projected open date is questionable. In the life of my 8 year old son, closing the best playground in the area for 18-24 months is unacceptable (ask yourself if a business would close for 18 months to remodel?). The communication issue between the City and District is only getting worse, and residents are suffering the consequences. I respect my opponent’s community service, but I believe residents should demand both the city and district to get their act together or move on.”

The election will take place on August 30th, and the elected term for commissioners begins on January 1st. For more information about where to vote in the August 30th election visit


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  1. […]   Most people in the real estate business would say “it’s business as usual” around the "City for All Seasons". That is especially true with the many changes and updates the town has incurred over the past few months. This blog will help enlighten you to the vast majority of what’s happening around the Boca Raton area with an emphasis leaning on real properties. Get ready to get an ‘eye-full’.*First, let’s take a look at the update of five subdivisions to join Boca Raton, found listed in the Sun Sentinel. Le Lac, Azura, Newport Bay, Boniello Acres and the Fieldbrook Estates will begin the annexing process once the homeowners of the listed developments make their decision to become a larger part of the city. The question will list on the November 8th ballot. For those interested in learning more about the proposal, contact city officials direct. However, the benefit will bring a ballpark figure of more than 764K to the city, which will use it for a multitude of needs. The other benefit is that of law and safety enforcement, making it easier to respond due to the separate zoning for Palm Beach County. For more information, click the link provided.**Next bit of news to discuss, there’s a rumor that the Ocean Breeze Golf Course is under proposal currently to sell to a subsidiary. This is the only public championship golf course in Boca Raton which was recently closed. According to an article found in the Sun Sentinel, Wells Fargo is currently selling to the Lennar Group. Lennar is one of the nation's leading homebuilders today. Corporate officers at Lennar are anticipating over 600 plots. They are also going to build luxury multifamily units in the municipal course. This is the same location where Lennar asked for the city to swap land. The city will also benefit to cash awards from the deal if they agree. The other good news with this proposed deal is that it will create jobs and revenue for the city.***Electoral candidates for the Greater Boca Raton Beach and Park District are all going through a bit of a skirmish to take the seat as representative. Currently, Dr. Dennis Frisch, Shayla Enright and Craig Ehrnst are competing to create high quality recreational spaces for those living and visiting the Boca Raton area. Each candidate exhibits great knowledge and expertise in the field which they are exploiting. They are looking to create more green space in the city, improvements to beach areas, include younger generations of involvement. They are also proposing the re-opening of the Sugar Sand park, including this as part of the candidate proposals. One common theme they all shared is a chance for the city to open communications with the district. They want the ability to complete projects in a timely manner, to be more efficient for the community they serve. For more information, please click here. […]

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