Published On: Sat, Jul 16th, 2016


By Diane Feen

Are you tired of the same old – same old?

Trying to decide what movie to go to and what restaurant to eat at?

So many decisions, so little time (perhaps).

That’s why it was a treat to stroll over to Eleven Spa for their Art Exhibit sponsored by Art House of Delray.

The event, that was a fresh breeze of personalities and dreams, had a display of art from artists of all ages that emphasized nature and its relationship with humanity.

“Nurture Nature looks at the flip side of ‘nature versus nurture,’ which reinforces the conflict between man and environment. ‘Nurture Nature’ not only suggests coexistence, but emphasizes that humanity and nature share the world. It commands us to take care of it- shifting the role of man being seen as destructive to being a caretaker,” said Linnea Polischuk, independent art consultant, curator and appraiser.

But one needn’t know the purpose of its inherent goal to see that the art and the artists had an offbeat expressive way of uplifting those around them. And let’s face it; Eleven Spa is the quintessential environment for any party or purpose.

The curvy open airy space, the outdoor pool and cabanas and the art gallery feel made the event a wonderful way of melding people, places and things. Local artist Dana Donaty held court by her amazing Dali –like colorful pop art that is more wizardry than normality.

The artist, who is a genius with color and creativity, describes her work as “Taking risks to explore visual territory that can be provocative with unusual narratives. It’s an intoxicating mix of monstrous party animals and humans having a great time. It’s also a satirical lexicon of collision of the grotesque, outlandish burlesque, psychological flirtation and a super-charged palette like a party about to get out of control.”

She has a point. Art should always be an out of control flirtation with destiny. Add that to color and point of view and that’s what we witnessed that evening. Nearby were sequin paintings by Glauko Alizara’s that astonished the fashionista within me. You couldn’t wear them, but instead were able to caress the surface with your hands and change their mere presence.

Sequins on clothing are static, but the meaning and message here were interchangeable, like our lives can often be. Alizara’s work is a collaborative effort with Miami gallery space “In Real Life” by artists Eddie Negron Marla Rosen and others.

Nikki Saraiva surprised and delighted us with three-dimensional mixed media art. The reclaimed wood canvas was thought provoking (which art should be) and consisted of an old doll split in two, hardware, wire, pantyhose fabric, metal hooks on the bottom and plastic. Saraiva has a different take on art than the mere spectator.

“My creative map ranges from assemblage, painting, bone art, body decor, photography and music. It has a direct link to emotions pertaining to love and distain (been there done that) and raw expression,” said the award-winning artist.

Native Floridian Kevin Dodge brought his Oceanic artistic dreams to life at the show as well. The colorful sparkling photography set us within the bounds of nature and the azure sea. His presence was also one of sheer joy. “I invite the viewer to pause and take a moment to see the silent, yet thrilling undersea world. From powerful and deadly Swordfish and sharks to the thrilling shallow world of Bonefish and Tarpon.”

The work was incredible and Dodge was easy on the eyes as well. I was just glad the sharks and swordfish were on the wall and not swimming beside me (though Dodge might disagree).

The art was wonderful, the people compelling and eclectic and the finger food went well with cucumber water and wine. It felt like an LA night with a New York vibe all packaged in a South Florida night. Our hats are off to Eleven Spa and to art expert Linnea Polischuk – the night was incredible.

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