Published On: Fri, May 6th, 2016

You Can Stay Out of Trouble!

By:Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr.

One of the most significant features of positive living, is the ability of staying out of trouble. In the world, we daily deal with a great variety of people in all kinds of circumstances we face. Some are easy to deal with; others never are.

A meaningful thought that has stayed with me for several years, and has been repeatedly confirmed to be fully accurate, is what I had read from American poet and playwright, T.S. Eliot. He correctly affirmed that there are some people to whom one speaks with difficulty, and there are others with whom one speaks in vain!

Normally, some of these represent the troublemakers, thinking only of themselves, and prone to accuse and criticize anyone who may deviate from their announced ways, ideas, and intentions. They are those people who often go out of their way to cause dissension, to promote discord, to create problems where they don’t exist!

Everything you say is quickly misrepresented, discredited, and erroneously shared with others, while never given an opportunity to explain yourself, to remove any doubt, nor bring understanding to the situation in question. Once falsely accused, you remain in that condition without the possibility of defense or recovery.

Life already presents manifold problems which we cannot avoid, and have to deal with wisely, to the best of our ability. But you can observe persons, conditions and circumstances around you, to know when, how and who to avoid. There are individuals who do not deserve our attention, based on how we see them act with, or toward others, as well as with ourselves!

We have an obligation to treat everybody with dignity, whether we think they deserve it or not. But no one is obliged to have to deal with the negativity which certain people effectively bring into any situation. It’s not even worth wasting any time in seeking to explain certain things, or defend what somebody else is not asking, nor will accept it if provided. It would be a “speaking in vain” on our part, according to T.S. Eliot’s quote above!

Face every task positively and expectantly, and don’t allow anyone to rob you of the joy you can have in fulfilling your tasks, saying what you know to be true, and reporting on your ideas without the expectation of total agreement from everybody. The essential is to ignore what comes from someone that you readily perceive as unworthy of attention, while extending the courtesies rightfully owed to him or her. No reason to be unnecessarily exhausted in dealing with others who are best left quite distant from your space!

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