Published On: Wed, May 18th, 2016

Man Robs Uber Driver, Threatens To Inject Him With HIV

By Casey Westfall

An Uber driver was robbed at the 7-Eleven on Palmetto Park Road on Saturday, May 13. But instead of holding a gun or a knife at the victim, the suspect used a syringe which he claimed was infected with HIV.

According to the Boca Raton Police, Sebastian Lora, an Uber driver from Boynton Beach, had made a stop at the 7-Eleven at the request of the passenger he was driving. The passenger walked inside the store while Lora waited in his Toyota. He was then confronted by Matthew Steven Francis, 30, who jumped into the passenger seat of his car. He pulled out the syringe and told Lora he’d infect him with HIV if he didn’t follow his orders.

Francis had Lora drive him west on Palmetto Park, then made him make a U-turn and drive east. He eventually ordered him to pull over and he fled the car on foot, but not before ordering Lora to hand over his wallet and phone to him.

Police caught up with Francis four blocks north of the 7-Eleven where he robbed Lora. Both of Lora’s stolen possessions were found on Francis, along with the syringe.

While speaking with police, Francis confessed of doing crack cocaine, heroin, and crystal meth the day before he robbed Lora.

Francis is being charged with kidnapping, robbery with a deadly weapon, and attempted criminal transmission of HIV.

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