Published On: Tue, May 3rd, 2016

Group of Local Residents Band Together to Keep Lake Boca Trash-Free


By: Alyssa Lamp

Thousands of locals flock to Lake Boca every year for the annual Boca Bash.

Year after a year, pundits would point to the trash left by the boaters in the day-long event, and after the damage Floatopia left Miami Beach, the topic was a hot one as Boca Bash was set to take place.

Event planners for this year’s event stressed the importance of everyone cleaning up after themselves because of all the damage caused Miami Beach earlier. They were not interested in seeing Boca Bash have the same kind of negative feedback or sanctions as Floatopia will have in Miami Beach, which includes the possible banning of coolers, tents, floats, live music, and an absolute zero tolerance of anyone consuming alcohol.

To make sure Boca Bash does not end up like Floatopia, everyone was urged to make sure they clean up all trash this year. However, despite all the efforts by all who attended the event, some trash is always missed, or cans/bottles are dropped and sink to the bottom of the lake.

All the trash that lands in the bottom of the lake is left for a group that helps clean up the waters afterwards, and they are the Boca Bash Cleanup.

Founded by a group of boaters, snorkelers, and scuba divers that all live by Lake Boca, Boca Bash Cleanup says they started this day of cleaning because they wanted to ensure that they keep one of their favorite lakes beautiful and clean for the years to come.

Many people and organizations have come to the support of Boca Bash Cleanup, many sponsors donate up to $5,000 to the cause.

With the help of all the people that take time off their days to clean the lake after Boca Bash, Boca Bash Cleanup is able to make sure the lake remains trash free. This year, in order to keep the trash to minimum, there were paddle boarders were out at Lake Boca cleaning during the Bash to ensure that the partygoers were cleaning up after themselves.

The next day, along with the Boca Bash Cleanup crew, there were a handful of residents in other boats helping to clean the lake.

All the heightened measures to keep the lake clean paid off. According to Rich Eten, one of the founders of the Boca Bash Cleanup, this year only 10 mesh garbage bags of trash were picked up, comparing to last years seven-gallon trash bag.

“There was twice as many people this year, and only half as much trash as last year,” Eten says, “The incident in Miami, heightened everyone’s awareness.”

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