Published On: Mon, Apr 25th, 2016

We Will Remain Steadfast to Practicing Sound Journalism

The cake, champagne and balloons are long gone; still we here at the Boca Raton Tribune are still celebrating our sixth anniversary as your premiere source of community news.

That’s because six years is a long time in today’s complex world of newspapers where it is not unusual for new publications to do a quick belly-up after only a few issues on the newsstands. That we have withstood those odds alone is reason to celebrate.

When we launched the Boca Raton Tribune in March 2010, we did so because there was a void in the community. We responded to the cries and appeals of our residents who wanted a more consistent source of local news. After all, both the local dailies had given up on our city and the television stations only came down when there was major news.

We responded with a monthly missive, which incorporated the established values of traditional journalism – a commitment to journalism that places a high premium on tenacity, fairness and balance in the presentation of news and news commentary.

We then went to bi-weekly then weekly.
We made a courageous yet risky entry into the newspaper market at a time when both our local dailies were seeing a dip in profitability and laying off journalists, and surveys on top of surveys showed a decline in the general readership of newspapers.

I recall hearing fellow journalists question how long could the paper last given the few advertisements that dotted the pages.

In the more than 260 editions published in the last six years, the Tribune has experienced both the depths of economic hardship and a legacy of good times, admirable achievements and hard-working and dedicated people.

In fact, every day our staff strives to bring the most relevant news to our readers in the most efficient way possible. I would be remiss if I did not point out that the bulk of our staff are student interns who tackle each story with the professionalism and true grit as any seasoned journalist.

It is so heartwarming to see the remarkable growth of this paper from its embryotic stage under the leadership of visionary publisher Douglas Heizer and Dale King, the founding editor and longtime newsman for the now defunct Boca Raton News.

On this our anniversary, we extend our sincere gratitude to our advertisers, readers, printer and our vendors and encourage your continued support for our development and growth in years to come. We are particularly appealing to corporate institutions and businesses to advertise in the Boca Raton Tribune as a way to help sustain our local print media industry.

We will remain sensitive to the diverse interests of our readers and keep up with changing and uncertain times. We also will continue to embrace the best traditions of quality journalism, steadfast to the values on which it was founded six years ago.

Be assured that we will continue faithfully to report the news of this city, to analyze and comment on their significance, and to express our own judgement without subservience to narrow partisan or sectional interests. While we celebrate the past, we will be very focused on the future.

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