Published On: Mon, Apr 25th, 2016

Enjoy Life While You Have It!

A truly grateful person recognizes that life is a gift, and each moment of every single day offers all living individuals wonderful varieties of enjoyment at manifold levels. In spite of limitations which one’s health may impose, anyone can make the most of every opportunity!

Creative people are never bound to a single format for living life to the maximum degree. In fact, they’re glad and grateful that they have plenty from which to choose. That way, life is more than just an adventure; it’s that also, but combined with a vast assortment of formats and experiences.

Any person who can act genuinely alive, and truly grateful for the gift of life, will continuously go after new adventures, adequate to their age-level and health condition, and doable by someone prepared to experiment. Nobody needs to be a slave to life, even when certain routines need to be observed.

Certain experiences may be repeated as many times as one may desire, or discarded in favor of something else, or even when there’s nothing else one desires to try. For those prepared to utilize their creativity, countless new possibilities will continually appear.

Life affords us enjoyment compatible with each age level and physical condition, whether what it entails is done alone or in the company of others. Even tasks which are accomplished with some regularity, can take on a new format, and made into significant, novel adventures.

If living is to be maintained as an enjoyable activity, personal discipline must be observed. I firmly believe that many people who complain about life in general, and lack the initiative to try new adventures, are those who tire themselves unnecessarily due to inadequate discipline, or who don’t take the initiative to inquire about new things to do, or who are not imaginative enough to ask the right questions, and do some necessary research in considering new alternatives to what they had done for years!

Of course, a positive mental attitude is always a “must” as one gets up in the morning with readiness to face any challenge the new day shall bring, with creative plans to divide the hours into meaningful blocks, reserved for activities both planned and potential. Obviously, there always will be a steady menu of regular activities which precede, accompany, or take place only at the end of work hours or other inbuilt operations of any given day.

With pen and paper on hand, ideas can be recorded and each day can be apportioned for one or some of the activities being looked at to enhance one’s day. Individuals with a curious mind and a ready body to implement certain plans, will never face a boring day, nor hours with little or nothing to fill them in meaningful ways!

What can’t be forgotten is that life in fleeting, one’s strength gradually diminishes, and illness and death are inevitable parts of life in the world. But as long as one is alive, even with limited powers, that one can and should enjoy life to the fullest. After all, ours is a beautiful world!

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