Published On: Mon, Apr 25th, 2016

Drying One Another’s Tears

By Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr.

Humans have been fashioned, and put into the world by the creator as social creatures. As such, they are not to live in isolation from one another, but to be mindful of their fellows, in good times and bad. Blessed are those who recognize this truth and fulfill what this reality demands!

There’s no question that caution requires that we don’t get involved too easily with anyone, for anything. Yet, there are enough individuals in any society who give enough indications of their reliability and who are also open to the courtesies and genuine love expressed to them, even by strangers! It’s most heart-warming to see reports on television of unique, tragic circumstances through which an individual or family may undergo, and to contemplate the outpouring of support in manifold ways, from countless persons who sympathize with the plight of another.

Several years ago I was attracted to a book on account of its title, “Tear Catchers.” By reading its compelling message I also learned it was the name of an organization, founded by the book’s author to provide a simple, yet most significant service.

The key idea was to be ready to befriend others going through sad moments and lending a shoulder to cry, a compassionate ear to listen, and eyes ever alert to the needs of others, because there’s always something one can do to diminish misery, and personally (not intrusively) get involved in situations where tears can be dried up, and solutions found and provided to varied rough experiences faced by others.

I never forgot what impressed me greatly at some point during my childhood, when an organized group of people in the large city where I resided, took upon themselves to scan several of the daily newspapers, looking for families who had undergone some tragedy, or lost a loved one, or who were reported as experiencing some tough situation in life.

The amazing result of that communal project, was establishing immediate contact with the needy family, by phone or in person, to inquire from them more fully regarding what could be done for them in their difficulty. That act itself, through the concern shown, were factors that right away diminished the pain being faced by an individual or family. What started as an experiment in expressing, loving kindness, became an ongoing effort of communal compassion, until conditions improved and the help was no longer needed.

Such altruism still has a place in any society, for any city or town, regardless of its size, has countless persons daily shedding tears who will welcome those “tear catchers” or others who can take an interest in their condition and do whatever is within their power. And as you do unto others, it shall also be done unto you at your time of need!

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