Published On: Wed, Apr 6th, 2016

Boca Wrestler Wins State Championship

By: Stephanie Fonseca

Chase Thompson, from Loggers’ Run Middle School, was just a regular seventh grader who loved to wrestle.

But as January came around, an unfortunate event during practice left Thompson with a fracture patella and several strained ligaments. But Thompson, knowing that the State Championships were coming soon, concentrated on getting better, so that he could compete.

Thompson underwent physical therapy and cryotherapy to get himself ready for the USA Wrestling Florida Amature Athletic Assocoation State Championship.

Enrolled in his respective division called “Schoolboy,” the 190 lbs weight class.

However, when Thompson was the only one enrolled in the weight class he was moved up to the 195 lbs weight class.

Being the only 7th grader in a 9th and 10th grade division, Thompson was the David facing many Goliaths.

Thompson came out on top and pinned every opponent he came up against.

Not only did he win the FAWA Florida State Championship, but Thompson was also awarded as the Outstanding Wrestler of the 195 lbs division, as the wrestler with the most and the fastest pins in the competition.


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