Published On: Mon, Apr 18th, 2016

Baker Sponder Gallery Robbed Twice In One Week

By Casey Westfall

Since its foundation in 1989, the Baker Sponder Gallery has been a beloved part of the community and has enjoyed a theft-free history.

However, that ended the week of Monday, April 11, when they reported not one, but two stolen pieces in the same week.

Both of the stolen installations are steel sculptures by Peter Reginato, a SoHo-based sculptor renowned for his abstract steel work, that were on display outside the gallery.

The first stolen sculpture was reported missing on Tuesday, April 12, while the second one was reported on Friday, April 15.

The sculptures combined are worth close to $65,000.

Both stolen sculptures were on display in the outside area behind the gallery, which unlike the front outside area, is not guarded by surveillance cameras. In addition, neither of the sculptures were bolted down to the ground. Following the incidents, the team at Baker Sponder have moved all other sculptures that are not bolted down inside the gallery, and will no longer feature artwork behind the gallery.

No information regarding the thieves is available at this time, although it is believed to have a multi-person job, given the heft of the sculptures. The first stolen sculpture was 500 pounds while the second one was 300 pounds.

Boca Raton police are still conducting their investigation and advise anyone who has seen the missing sculptures since the heists, or has information about the thieves, to contact them at 561-338-1234.


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